Bookstore Essentials

These services give booksellers and bookstores attractive incentives to stock your book.

Retail Focus

Make sure your readers can get hold of your book conveniently. Get all the essentials for pitching your book to be stocked in bookstore or library shelves.

Color Hardcover Promotional Bundle

Let your full-color book last a lifetime by preserving it as a perfectly bound hardcover, complete with a glossy, case-laminated cover.

Book Buyers Preview

The Book Buyer’s Preview allows book buyers, librarians, and researchers across the globe to read a selection from the first chapter of your book.

Booksellers Return Program

Booksellers are more likely to purchase your book if they can return unsold copies. This program makes that possible without reducing your royalties.

Booksellers Return Program Renewal

Renewal of the Bookseller Return Program will ensure the continued success of your book.