Marketing Services

In today’s publishing world, every author must be a promoter too. You’re not alone, though; AuthorHouse offers a wide array of marketing services to help your book get the attention it deserves.

Cinema Advertising

Going to the movies has been a national pastime for over a century. Our Cinema Advertising service allows you to tap into this vast market of potential readers with a 30-second trailer that will be shown in one of over 200 domestic movie theaters.

Want to know how this service can help turn moviegoers into your book’s potential readers? Watch this video to learn the benefits of Cinema Advertising.

Advertising Services

Advertising in a high-profile national publications, such as the New York Times is a great way to announce your book to the world. However, it is prohibitively expensive for an individual author to design and purchase an ad in most national publications. Through the AuthorHouse Advertising programs, you get access to a variety of affordable and convenient opportunities to promote your book.

Book Reviews

Credibility is an essential attribute that only a book review can provide. Reviews are a wonderful way to generate interest in your book because what trendsetters are to consumers, book reviewers are to readers. Book lovers rely on the opinion of experts to determine what new releases to consider reading or purchasing. Getting a favourable evaluation gives your book that sought-after stamp of approval every author wants. AuthorHouse can allow you to gauge how the market will respond to your book by getting literary experts to critique it.

BookStub™ Cards

Add more digital flavor to your book marketing with BookStub™ cards – plastic cards that are electronic gateways for readers to download your book. 

Direct Marketing

Sometimes a little can go a long way. Add new dimensions to your personal promotions with bookmarks, postcards, or business cards to market your book to colleagues, contacts and friends.

Genre Specific Marketing

Catch the attention of Christian, mystery, sci-fi readers, and readers of all genres through strategic ad campaigns.

Hollywood Book-to-Screen

Have you ever considered even for a moment that your book could be adapted into a movie or television series?

If you answered "yes”, then we can help you get the ball rolling. Learn how you can best prep and polish your book for Hollywood in this guide.

Internet Marketing

The Internet is the fastest-growing marketplace for books. As a published author, you’re in a great position to take advantage of the Web as a powerful marketing and sales tool. Don’t have the time to explore the internet? Let us help you get started instead with these services:

Online Video Services

Put a creative spin on your campaign with a short video that offers a multimedia sneak peek of your book or a quick interview with you, the author.

Publicity Campaigns

Our publicity campaigns have been designed in partnership with LAVIDGE, an award-winning advertising and publicity agency, to make sure there’s a campaign right for you and your message. Learn more about the publicists who’ll work with you by viewing this infographic, or see what we have to offer below.

See how our authors have secured media coverage through this service in these case studies.

Publicity Services

Our team of publicity specialists provides you with the services and tools you need to enter the public spotlight.

Radio Services

AuthorHouse can make your voice available on the airwaves to help you reach new audiences.

Reader's Digest Marketing

Generate publicity for your book with a highly renowned and respected worldwide magazine publisher and distributor.

Why Reader’s Digest? With a monthly subscriber-base of 3 million* who buy from newsstands and bookstores, Reader’s Digest is, without a doubt, one of the leading consumer magazines in the US. With articles that cover a wide range of topics—from health to money to food to travel, to work and more—this well-respected publication has a total audience of up to 18.3 million.* It’s no wonder that numerous well-known companies choose to advertise their products in it.

*As of 2019

Television Services

Since the first paid advertisement in 1941, television has always been one of the most effective ways to sell a product. Why not use it to promote your book?

At AuthorHouse, we take an AuthorCentricSM approach. In other words, it’s all about you. Now you can fully express your unique viewpoint and promote your book in an instantly engaging medium—television.