Manuscripts are submitted to AuthorHouse in many different forms, from handwritten pages to electronic documents embedded with tables and images. AuthorHouse offers a wide range of services to make these manuscripts ready for publication. To avoid or reduce additional charges, please comply with your Check-In Coordinator’s instructions.


When a book has gone live and you find issues that need to be corrected, we can re-submit the file to the printer to update future copies for either one or two formats.

Pre-Publishing Services

From file conversions to image manipulations, our professional and experienced staff is here to help you prepare your manuscript for publishing.

Post-Publishing Services

Have you found elements of your book that you’d like to change after it’s been sent to the printer? Don’t worry, it’s not too late—AuthorHouse offers services to make this possible.

Rapid Release

When you need your book published fast, sign up for Rapid Release. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you can hold your published book in your hands.