Editorial Services

Thousands of new books are published every day. One of the most effective ways to make yours stand out from the crowd is ensuring that it reaches bookshelves as polished as possible. AuthorHouse’s editing team will provide you with professional, cost-effective services to give your book a final polish and find those errors before your readers do! With our Editorial Services:

  • Editors catch costly errors before your book goes to press.
  • You have creative control over any changes that are recommended.
  • Your book stays in the hands of the publisher you trust.

To take advantage of our Editorial Services, it’s necessary that you have access to Microsoft Word 98 (or higher.) Our editing revisions will appear as tracked changes in your manuscript.

Please review our Editorial Services FAQ for more information on the scope and process of our editing services.

Want to know more about the levels of editing you can get for your book? View our Infographic >

Core Editorial Services

Choosing to self-publish doesn’t necessarily mean self-editing too. If you need help with the technical parts of your writing—grammar, spelling, punctuation, capitalization, structure, and continuity—our professional editors can help fine-tune your work for you.

Advanced Editorial Services

Sometimes manuscripts need specialized attention that goes beyond grammar, spelling, and punctuation improvements. Our experienced editors will take a close look at your book’s content and other stylistic considerations including content, plot, and pace.