Publishing Packages

How do you see your book?

AuthorHouse has a range of publishing packages that are second to none and are designed to suit every author’s needs. Experience true literary freedom and maintain total creative control of your book—from editing and proofreading to cover design and page layout; from distribution and royalties to marketing and bookselling, you choose what you want for your book.

Best of all, your personal team of author advocates will support and encourage you throughout the entire publishing process.

So choose which package suits you best!

Black & White Packages

Perfect for most books, black and white has been the classic means of publication for centuries. If your book is mostly text, black and white photographs or line drawings, look no further--we have a B&W publishing package that will fit your needs.

Full Color Packages

Perfect for photo books, cookbooks, travel guides, or children’s literature, our full color packages are for authors that want their pictures and illustrations to share center stage with their prose—in glorious color. Make your book a feast for your readers’ eyes, as well as their minds!

Children's Packages

The best children’s books can inspire, teach, and entertain . . . all at the same time! Now AuthorHouse can help you awaken young imaginations with our children’s publishing packages, and bring your story and characters to life in full color.

Chapters Indigo Review Package

Perfect for Canadian authors who are looking to produce a top-quality book, this unique publishing package provides you the tools you need to make a great first impression in the local book market, along with a review for potential in-store stocking with Chapters Indigo, Canada's largest book retailer.