Core Packages

Perfect for most books, black and white has been the classic means of publication for centuries. If your book is mostly text, black and white photographs, or line drawings, look no further—we have a black and white publishing package that will fit your needs.


Is your manuscript ready and all you need at this time is to publish your book as swiftly as possible? This economical package includes all the essential elements you need to turn your manuscript into a quality book in paperback and e-book format, in as fast as two weeks!


If your #1 goal is to publish your book without all the bells and whistles, this package is for you. The Starter Package lets you benefit from the self-publishing basics so you can become a published author and share your book with friends and family.


Get an all-inclusive, value-packed publishing experience with our Elemental package!


Move to the next level of publishing with hardcover publishing, custom interior design, the Booksellers Return Programme feature, and more! The Essential Package is for authors looking for a more robust set of marketing features.


No one will even consider judging your book by its cover. With the Plus Package, if you want the highest level of attention made for your book cover, this one’s for you. Enhance your self-publishing journey with more incredible features, including the advanced cover design, cover copy polish, an option to set your book’s retail price, a video and podcast interview, and more! The Plus Package has all the features of the Essential Package but is for more devoted authors looking to put in more time and energy.


This top-tier AuthorHouse package is loaded with amazing features a dedicated author will love. With added marketing opportunities, all the interior images you want, and a personal assistant committed to you and your book, you can get noticed and be represented in the self-publishing marketplace. The Pro package has all the features of the previous packages and is for all-in authors looking to jumpstart their professional writing and book careers.