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Statistics show that authors who actively market and promote their works sell more books. We offer a wide array of marketing services to help your book get the attention it deserves.

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Advertising USA

Despite the proliferation of digital marketing platforms, advertising in a high-profile national publications, such as the New York Times is still a great way to announce your book to the world. After all, this won’t just put a book in credible marketing pedestal. Authors will be promoting to a wide, loyal audience too. Still unconvinced? You might want to read this article first and learn why you should go print too.

Print does indeed offer a variety of benefits but it can be challenging to launch a print campaign alone, which is why we created various advertising programs to help authors conduct targeted and affordable print promotions. Browse through our services today and you’re sure to find a service that matches your needs.

Advertising UK

Today, there are dozens of online advertising platforms catered to authors. You may be even using one right now too. But despite the popularity of newer promotional methods, there will always be platforms that remain a top choice for authors—like print publications. It’s one of the tools where you can both put your book in a credible marketing pedestal and also reach out to a wide audience as well.  Unconvinced? You might want to read this article first and learn why you should go print too.

Advertising in publications can also be prohibitively expensive for an individual author to design and purchase an ad in most national publications. Through the AuthorHouse Advertising programs, you get access to a variety of affordable and convenient opportunities to promote your book.

Book Exhibits

Get your work displayed in book fairs and exhibits where literary enthusiasts flock to find their next good read.

The Combined Book Exhibit is one of the most widely recognized and highly respected names in the publishing community. The CBE has established its 85-year reputation based on its dedication and mutual trust between publishers, librarians, and educators. For decades, CBE has maintained its objective of providing publishers with the means to reach potential purchasers and giving those potential purchasers hands-on access to the publications they need.

The Combined Book Exhibit displays your book at various exhibits in book fairs across the globe and in front of thousands of book buyers, librarians, and agents. Along with being featured in the display, your book will be included in an exhibit catalogue created by CBE for the show, as well as a comprehensive online database where interested parties can buy your book. Combine your book exhibit with the Press Release - Web Optimised Edition to get maximum exposure for your work.

Book Reviews

Gauge how the market will respond to your book by getting literary experts to critique it.

One of the best ways to build credibility for your book is to have it reviewed. Moreover, getting your book reviewed by a reputable and trusted name in the industry does not only add authority but also increases your book’s marketability.

Credibility is an essential attribute that only a book review can provide. Book reviews generate interest in your book mainly because most readers rely on the opinion of experts to determine what titles to consider reading or purchasing. Book reviewers are to readers, just as what trendsetters are to consumers. Getting a favourable evaluation gives your book that sought-after stamp of approval every author wants.

Book Signings and Galleries

We'll put your book in the hands of industry insiders and book buyers through our book exhibition and event marketing services.

Direct Marketing

Sometimes a little can go a long way. Add new dimensions to your personal promotions with bookmarks, postcards, or business cards to market your book to colleagues, contacts and friends.

Hollywood Book-to-Screen

Ever wondered whether or not your book could be adapted into a movie or television series? From creating a script coverage to turning your manuscript into a screenplay, these packages prime your book for the eyes of Hollywood agents and executives.

Internet Marketing

The Internet is the fastest-growing marketplace for books. As a published author, you’re in a great position to take advantage of the Web as a powerful marketing and sales tool.

Online Video Services

Put a creative spin on your campaign with a short video that offers a multimedia sneak peek of your book or a quick interview with you, the author.

Ready to optimise your book video? View this infographic to see how we can help. >

Publicity Services

A marketing campaign wouldn’t be complete without a press release. After all, it’s easily the go-to option when it comes to promoting to both the media and the general public. However, crafting an effective press release campaign can be a little complicated. You’ll have to put a lot of effort in, among other things, writing and editing a newsworthy article.

With our help, you wouldn’t have to worry about planning and creating alone. Our team of publicity specialists will gladly assist you in launching a press release campaign. Browse through our Publicity Services below and find out which service is best suited for you and your book. 

Publicity Campaigns

Our publicity campaigns have been designed in partnership with LAVIDGE, an award-winning advertising and publicity agency, to make sure there’s a campaign right for you and your message.

Radio Services

Let your voice be heard on the airwaves with your very own radio interview. Choose between traditional AM/FM radio and online radio, or use both to enhance exposure.

Reader's Digest Marketing

Generate publicity for your book with a highly renowned and respected worldwide magazine publisher and distributor.

Why Reader’s Digest? With a monthly subscriber-base of 3 million* who buy from newsstands and bookstores, Reader’s Digest is, without a doubt, one of the leading consumer magazines in the US. With articles that cover a wide range of topics—from health to money to food to travel, to work and more—this well-respected publication has a total reach of up to 18.3 million*. It’s no wonder that numerous well-known companies choose to advertise their products in it.

*As of 2019