Publishing Packages

Black & White Publishing

Perfect for most books, black and white has been the classic means of publication for centuries. If your book is mostly text, black and white photographs, or line drawings, look no further—we have a black and white publishing package that will fit your needs.

Colour Publishing

Perfect for photo books, cookbooks, travel guides, or children's literature, our full-colour packages are for authors who want their pictures and illustrations to share center stage with their prose—in glorious colour. Make your book a feast for your reader's eyes as well as their minds!

Children's Packages

The best children’s books can inspire, teach, and entertain . . . all at the same time! Now AuthorHouse can help you awaken young imaginations with our children’s publishing packages, and bring your story and characters to life in full colour.

Specialty Packages

Here at AuthorHouse Publishing, we provide high-quality publishing services tailored to your specific needs and genre. With our Christianity Publishing Packages, for example, you can reach out to fellow believers with a beautifully designed book that’s as inspiring as your message.