Book Reviews

Gauge how the market will respond to your book by getting literary experts to critique it.

One of the best ways to build credibility for your book is to have it reviewed. Moreover, getting your book reviewed by a reputable and trusted name in the industry does not only add authority but also increases your book’s marketability.

Credibility is an essential attribute that only a book review can provide. Book reviews generate interest in your book mainly because most readers rely on the opinion of experts to determine what titles to consider reading or purchasing. Book reviewers are to readers, just as what trendsetters are to consumers. Getting a favourable evaluation gives your book that sought-after stamp of approval every author wants.

Literary Gateway Bundle

With Literary Gateway, get a mix of services designed to put you at the forefront of award opportunities to help build your author brand. Find award opportunities and submit your nomination easily using the intelligent matching platform, Awards Finder, and get your book reviewed by the pros with BlueInk Reviews.

Indie Book Review Bundle

Give your book and extensive book review and a chance to be promoted in Publishers Weekly with our Indie Book Review Bundle.

The Trifecta Review

The power of a trustworthy recommendation cannot be underestimated. Once only accessible to traditionally published authors, a credible endorsement from book review professionals is now very much within reach for self-published authors to help them promote their book. The Trifecta Review service offers authors with an unbiased critiques of their work from three reputable reviewers from different sides of the publishing industry.

Review Duo

Would like to find out if your book has what it takes to make it in the bustling book marketplace? Then look no further than our Review Duo packages, which offer you professional critiques from two US-based reviewers: the Pacific Book Review and US Review of Books (USRB).

Kirkus Basic

In the publishing industry, one of the most renowned and respected book reviewers that give that stamp of approval is Kirkus Reviews.

Touted as the world’s toughest critic, Kirkus Reviews holds an eighty-year-old reputation of drawing the mainstream industry’s attention to the best new releases. With the recent upsurge in self-published releases, this publication has expanded its reach with its Kirkus Indie program, which gives self-published authors the same opportunity to acquire unbiased reviews of their work.

AuthorHouse has collaborated with Kirkus Reviews to create a service that will not only help authors gain honest book reviews but also a chance to get their work in front of literary agents, publishers and readers.