Jr. Part II

You Can't Live Forever

by Victor C. Brown, Jr. and Joan L. Brown

Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 30/09/2009

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 708
ISBN : 9781449026646

About the Book

This book is about a person’s brain and how it thinks.  Consider the captain of a battleship in the ocean dropping anchor without knowing how deep the water is because no one knows the deepest parts of the ocean.  It is the same with a person’s heart.  What makes a man love and not love?  Or is there a compromise?  People go to psychiatrists to search for answers about themselves.  But then there’s the man who doesn’t want to know the truth.  The one thing the man knows is that he has a Creator greater than himself.  He can identify with that.  But he can’t identify to the world who or what he is.  This is what Jr. Part II is about.  Jr. returns to Chicago.  His friends and relatives welcome and accept him, but his parents despise and fear him.  Why has he returned?  No one understands what is going on in the depths of his heart.  Will he succeed in exacting his revenge?  Will he find peace with his Maker and himself?

Other stories in the continuing saga of Jr.'s life include:

-Jr. Smiled, which traces his early life,
-Jr. Part I  Men Die, Nightmares Survive, which follows him to war,
-Jr. Part II  You Can't Live Forever, in which Jr. returns to Chicago to challenge his roots,
-Jr. Lied  Perception or Deception, which finds Jr. in an unexplainable marriage, and
-Jr.'s Angel, in which Jr's chess game comes to an end. 

Other books in which Jr.'s influence is felt include:

-Darkness Is My Shadow, in which Jr. assumes the role of mentor and coach and
-God Had a Breaking Point, in which Jr. assists in solving serial murders

About the Author

I stayed away from the computer room and the file cabinet because my husband’s health and needs took a lot of my time.  But like a magnet, the file cabinet attracted me.  It seemed to say, “Open me.”  I opened the drawers.  The notes and files were harder to comprehend.  As for myself, I started to understand this man to whom I was married.  He can be so stubborn when I give him his medicines or take him to the doctor.  But I still love him. I know something the world doesn’t know: how warm his heart is.  I did not try to change him when I married him.  But I truly didn’t know what I’d gotten—he was then and is today a real mystery.  The file cabinet has revealed some secrets, but there are parts of his past no one will ever know.