God Had a Breaking Point

by Victor C. Brown, Jr. and Joan L. Brown



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 01/01/2002

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 160
ISBN : 9780759656727

About the Book

Father Michael Mahoney, a newly assigned priest to St. Mary’s a parish near Chicago’s lakefront, is a man who gives his complete soul to the church and parishioners. But he finds God can’t control greed, sin, and the brotherhood of man. Those who love him the most are Susie Braun, a police officer with her own problems, and Danny, a mentally ill brother who suffers from the memory of war, believing that might makes right and turning the other cheek is for the week.

The reader begins to wonder if evil is better than good. The priest’s good deeds are misinterpreted causing him to question if God has the right to judge or does man?

Susie Braun follows the trail of a serial killer who’s out to get anyone who has harmed the priest. Her unorthodox and imaginative procedures earn her the respect of her fellow officers.

If God and the devil play a chess game, who would smile at the end?

Other stories in the continuing saga of Jr.'s life include:
-Jr. Smiled, which traces his early life,
-Jr. Part I  Men Die, Nightmares Survive, which follows him to war,
-Jr. Part II  You Can't Live Forever, in which Jr. returns to Chicago to challenge his roots,
-Jr. Lied  Perception or Deception, which finds Jr. in an unexplainable marriage, and
-Jr.'s Angel,  in which Jr's chess game comes to an end.
Other books in which Jr.'s influence is felt include:
-Darkness Is My Shadow, in which Jr. assumes the role of mentor and coach and
-God Had a Breaking Point, in which Jr. assists in solving serial murders. 

About the Author

Victor C. Brown, Jr.

All my life I have played a chess game with God. I’ve come to the conclusion that I can’t win. Good and evil have always coexisted and sometimes evil has won. The bad lived and the good died. Is it because God had a breaking point?

Joan L. Brown

I was raised simply as a child. I went to Catholic school, but yet the Bible confused me: Old or New Testament, which held the answers? As an adult, new philosophies were added to the mix: Might makes right, Turn the other cheek, Peace, Brotherhood, Love, and Death.