Part I

by Victor C. Brown, Jr. and Joan L. Brown



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 16/01/2004

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 300
ISBN : 9781414035345

About the Book

Jr. accepts the phrase, “A man alone on an island.”  Jr. is the man who pushes every living thing away from him.  But, he picks the wrong island.  Vietnam has too many things going in it.  His hatred develops into love; the love evolves into damnation.

Jr. Part I exposes a side of war no one wants to think about.  Jr., a.k.a. Victor Wolf, is a Native American warrior fighting for his country in an unpopular war.  His childhood torments haunt him.  Victor Wolf must assume leadership or he and his friends will not survive.  Victor Wolf becomes a machine, using any and all tactics to complete his missions.  The machine cannot be disassembled and repaired.  Men die, but the nightmares survive.

Other stories in the continuing saga of Jr.'s life include:
-Jr. Smiled, which traces his early life,
-Jr. Part I  Men Die, Nightmares Survive, which follows him to war,
-Jr. Part II  You Can't Live Forever, in which Jr. returns to Chicago to challenge his roots,
-Jr. Lied  Perception or Deception, which finds Jr. in an unexplainable marriage, and
-Jr.'s Angel, in which Jr's chess game comes to an end. 
Other books in which Jr.'s influence is felt include:
-Darkness Is My Shadow, in which Jr. assumes the role of mentor and coach and
-God Had a Breaking Point, in which Jr. assists in solving serial murders. 

About the Author

Victor C. Brown, Jr. will always be a mystery. A pack rat saving mementos, half-finished manuscripts, and notes. Yet, even today he will not pick up and read anything he’s written, as though they’re sealed in a vault. He’s told the world, “It’s none of your business.”

Joan L. Brown, his schoolteacher wife and curious research rat, went into the files and wove together the bits and pieces she found into compelling stories. She may have been a flower child, but her outlook on war has changed. She now understands how might makes right.