The Lovesong Tree:

A Fairy Tale Portrait of God

by Edward N. Haas



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 01/01/2000

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 428
ISBN : 9781585000234

About the Book

This is a theory in the field of depth psychology. The author speculates that there is a fundamental, but very primitive and hidden, motivation common to all human beings. He also speculates how God might enable humanity to fulfill that motivation in a way which terminates in eternal life rather than eternal death. What's said is theory, because the author has not the wherewithal to prove what he says. That's so true, the author himself is not, and cannot rightly be, fearlessly convinced of its accuracy. To emphasize that point, the author here presents his thoughts in the form of a fairy tale, which, as such, necessarily leaves each reader free to decide what resemblance, if any, there might be between the 'creatures of the forest' and the reader.

- Edward N. Haas

About the Author

Born April 13, 1936, in New Orleans, Louisiana, the author graduated there from high school in 1953 and, after a single, fruitless semester at Loyola University of the South, enlisted in the Air Force. Honorably discharged in 1960, he soon turned to a life of dire poverty, and pronounced seclusion in order to have as much time and energy as possible for inner reflection upon self, God, and the nature and purpose of reality.

Thirteen successive years of such intense self-education came to an end in 1975 when the author's father became ill. Five years of caring for his father, until the latter's death in 1981, were followed by fifteen years of caring for his mother until her death in 1996. In this book, the self-educated author of dozens of unpublished books and pamphlets seeks to share with others the avenues of thought down which his mind was lead by 13 years of heroically intense inner concentration, followed by 22 years of moderately intense inner conversation.

- Edward N. Haas