Internet Marketing

The Internet is the fastest-growing marketplace for books. As a published author, you’re in a great position to take advantage of the Web as a powerful marketing and sales tool. Services include:

Ebook Promotion

Make your Kindle book more attractive to potential readers by offering it at a lower price for a limited time. Plus, maximize your campaign with ad placements on up to three popular online platforms.

Kirkus Multimedia

Reach out to the Kirkus audience in a multimedia advertising campaign and cover all your bases with our Kirkus Multimedia service.

Still need a bit of information about multimedia marketing? See why it’s a relevant promotional option to authors like you in this infographic.

Online Booksellers Advertising

Advertise your book with two of the most reliable names in online bookselling: Amazon and Ingram.

Social Media Advertising on Facebook

From the vast reach of its audience to the number of tools it offers, there’s a lot of marketing potential in the social media platforms Facebook and Instagram. Start your advertising campaign and get your book in front of readers with these packages:

Web Design Marketing Packages

These days, there’s a website for every person—politicians, actors, and even for budding authors like you. It’s in these online domains where you can introduce your book and expertise to literary enthusiasts across the globe—wherever and whenever. It’s also the perfect platform to encourage potential readers to purchase your book too. So why not set up one with our help?

Google and Amazon Search Programs

There are thousands of people on Google and Amazon every day. Some might be looking for that elusive recipe ingredient, a handful might be looking for a new laptop while the rest, perhaps, are looking for their next good read. Pique the interest of these curious readers with an online sneak peek of your book through our Google and Amazon Search Programs.

Barnes & Noble See Inside the Book

Your readers might also be in the online store of Barnes & Noble combing through virtual shelves to find a book that will speak their interest. Get their attention by providing them a limited preview of your book.

Online Book Ads via Google

Do you have plans of advertising your book online? If you do, why not go big and launch your promotional campaign on one of the largest display networks on the Internet—the Google Display Network? To date, Google reaches an astonishing 90% of Internet users in over 100 countries. Learn about promoting your title through Online Book Ads via Google and get your book ad on the screens of millions of readers online.

Blog Blast Marketing

What is a blog tour and what can it do for your book?

In this Internet age, blogs can have hundreds to thousand of followers worldwide, making them a valuable marketing platform that can help authors like you generate hype about your book and build an online following. But how exactly can you make them a valuable tool to your campaign? Read this infographic to find out.

Kirkus Title Express

Kick-start your book marketing campaign by promoting your book ad on the website of one of the publishing industry’s trusted pillars, Kirkus Reviews. This promotional campaign helps you establish your book’s online presence with a custom-made banner ad on the Kirkus homepage plus an exciting two-week seeding campaign that can attract followers so you can build an online following!

Digital Discovery

Promote your book online and give it an edge in this digital age.