Baker & Taylor Advertising


No more uncertainty on whether your advertising message will be sent to the right audience or not. Let us help promote your book through a more targeted approach.

AuthorHouse has partnered with Baker & Taylor to give your marketing strategy an upgrade by focusing on the people who are always searching for the next title to read, review, and stock: librarians.

Baker and Taylor Advertising includes:

  • Baker & Taylor Catalog Super Annotation Listing – To get closer to readers who will likely appreciate your book, you first need to make sure that librarians know what it is about. We eliminate the guesswork and get straight to the main offer (your book) by advertising in a Baker & Taylor Catalog that best fits your book’s genre. Here, your ad will be seen with title information, cover image, and a description of up to 75 words. Click here to see the full list of digital catalog.*
  • Foreword Magazine (1 out of 10 slots) – See your book’s ad in one of the most reputable publications in the industry, ForeWord. It’s a bimonthly review magazine with a readership of more than 30,000 librarians and booksellers—including 1,100 American Bookseller Association members—all of whom make buying decisions and reader recommendations that affect the reading habits of millions of patrons and consumers. Founded in 1998, it is still the only magazine showcasing critical reviews and title trends exclusively from the expanding independent publishing market.
  • Emerging Voices Microsite Ad - This microsite was created by Baker & Taylor to address the need for a trusted source for librarians who are always on the lookout for new titles. Your book will be featured for two weeks on the front page of the microsite. After this, the ad will be transferred to other pages on the site under their corresponding categories. Your book will be advertised on the site for a total of three months.
  • Baker & Taylor Featured Titles Email (1 out of 6) – Want to get even closer to key decision makers in the library business? An email campaign is always a good idea. Your book’s ad, alongside those of other titles, will be sent to the inboxes of up to 45,000 librarians. In this email, your featured title will include title information, a 450-character descriptive copy, cover image and Buy Now links.
  • Baker & Taylor TS360 Homepage Banner (1 out of 4 slots) - Your book will be on display in Baker & Taylor's TS360 web-based ordering platform for two weeks. Title Source 360 is a dynamic web-based ordering platform that allows libraries to purchase print and digital titles.

About Baker & Taylor

Since 1828, Baker & Taylor has been committed to being an industry leader, maintaining one of the largest in-stock inventories of books in the U.S. for more than 36,000 customers in more than 120 countries. The company is currently supporting 6,000 public library systems and representing 90 percent of all US public libraries. Their mission: to help public libraries as these institutions in return, support the communities they serve.

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