Book Buyers Preview


As you approach bookstores and retailers to stock your book on their shelves, access to your book’s content is a key to stronger market presence. The Book Buyer’s Preview allows book buyers, librarians and researchers across the globe to read a selection from the first chapter of your book. When book buyers access their ordering database, the preview will appear with your book’s ordering information to aid buyers in making a purchasing decision.

How does the Book Buyer’s Preview help promote your book?

  • A preview of your book will be available on the databases and websites of Ingram Content Group, Baker & Taylor and Barnes & Noble.
  • Once libraries choose to catalog your book, your book’s preview pages will be available to library patrons searching for material.
  • Your book’s preview will also be on EBSCO, the leading service provider of archived print materials and related services for libraries and research organizations.


Frequently Asked Questions

How many pages of my book will appear?

The Book Buyer’s Preview will provide, on average, the first six to eight pages from your book to book buyers.

Will prospective customers be able to download my book for free?

Only an excerpt is available for browsing, and all of the preview content remains under the protection of your copyright. No one will be able to download your book for free or copy the content in the preview without your consent.

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