Ho Po Pinocchio Day

A Collection of Short Stories and Novellas

by Vincenzo Spiaggi



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 4/3/2006

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 476
ISBN : 9781425923549

About the Book

Is it possible that what we think is reality is only a fraction of what is really real? Does life, as we know it, have any direct relationship to reality? Is there more out there than we know? Is there more out there than we will ever know?


Fourteen short stories and novellas explore the mysteries of the reality of life, death, relationships, revenge, spirituality, and enlightenment. Two college students are visited by their future selves. A young woman occasionally wakes up in strange places. A dying man wants to plan his next life before he passes on. A past-life-regression hypnotist learns about his ancestors through the past lives of a stranger. A middle-aged woman confronts her biological clock. A well-meaning, idealistic student deals with the apathy of a certain segment of society. A fashion model cannot break her addiction to junk food. A poet is visited by his own eternal spirits. A man and a woman meet in a dream. A young boy learns the truth about the afterworld. An ancient spirit touches the lives of several generations of a rural family. A medicine man exacts revenge for the poor judgement of his descendants. Three men and three women play expensive games at a mountain retreat. And, an author describes his reasons for writing a book about his experiences in an upscale mountain community.


Vincenzo Spiaggi employs metaphysics, humor, poetry, politics, guilt, greed, and history as fictional tools to spin yarns about ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances.

About the Author

Vincenzo Spiaggi, a native of New York City and a graduate of The City University of New York, is a geologist, journalist, fine arts photographer, and screenwriter. He has lived and worked throughout the United States, in Canada and the Middle East. He currently resides in rural upstate New York.