Reader's Digest Marketing

Generate publicity for your book with a highly renowned and respected worldwide magazine publisher and distributor.

Why Reader’s Digest? With a monthly subscriber-base of 3 million* who buy from newsstands and bookstores, Reader’s Digest is, without a doubt, one of the leading consumer magazines in the US. With articles that cover a wide range of topics—from health to money to food to travel, to work and more—this well-respected publication has a total reach of up to 18.3 million*. It’s no wonder that numerous well-known companies choose to advertise their products in it.

*As of 2019

RD iPad Edition

One of the world's most respected and recognisable magazines has gone digital. With its iPad Edition, Reader's Digest is poised to bring its articles and stories to a global market of readers and digital users. If you have a mobile e-reader, you can directly access Reader's Digest whenever you want wherever you are around the world.

Recognising the potential for its authors, AuthorHouse is collaborating with Reader's Digest in launching the RD iPad Edition Marketing Programmes.

Media Digest UK - Single

Get your book featured in one of the most read and widely-circulated magazines in UK. The AuthorHouse Reader’s Digest Magazine UK Edition Marketing Programme allows you to generate that much-needed publicity for your book.