by Pat Morrell-Donnelly



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 26/02/2024

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.5x8.5
Page Count : 240
ISBN : 9798823021418

About the Book

“HOLIDAY CELEBRATIONS and Much More” is Pat Morrell-Donnelly’s tenth (10th) book to publish. It has been said “Don’t look back if you don’t want to go that way.” This is true when looking back at mistakes and challenges one has faced. But sometimes it is good to reflect on the past particularly regarding special holidays, events and happy times. “Precious memories how they linger.” It is sometimes helpful to reminisce and remember loved ones and friends, many of whom are no longer with us. Recalling special Christmas’s, Thanksgiving dinners and get-together's with family and friends can be good for the soul. Nostalgia 2 point O. It is good to spend a few moments in thought regarding these joy-filled celebrations, special times and memorable events spent with loved ones. “HOLIDAY CELEBRATIONS and Much More” speaks to just those things, those celebrations and events so precious to recall. This book contains 200 poems Pat has written through the eighties, nineties, two thousand and on about different holidays and celebrations. After some of the sets of poems there are pictures depicting the occasion, and pictures of Pat’s table settings representing each holiday or event. Some poems also convey what was going on in the country, to some extent, particularly the years about which her poem was written. Also some poems tell about what was going on in Pat’s life at that particular time. To find all of the New Year’s poems in one place, covering so much of the past history, is quite unusual and unique. Pat’s first book to publish “The Climb Up Life’s Mountain” was published in 2009 when Pat was eighty years of age. Her ninth book “All About Love” was published July 2023. Pat published her first nine books in fifteen years. Pat has written over eighteen (1800) hundred poems. Pat shares many of her life’s experiences through her poetry. Thoughts wake her up in the night and she scribbles those thoughts, or poem, on a note pad deciphering the next morning. She has written many poems while under the hair dryer. Pat’s aim is to get her poems out of her computer into books so they will not be lost forever when she is no longer here. At age ninety-four only the Good Lord knows when the final page of her “Life’s Book” will be written and finished. Pat is thankful for the “gift” God has given her to write poetry. If it lifts some ones spirit, or takes them away for a few minutes from worldly cares, it will have been worth her time publishing this book.

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