Poems and Stories About Cats and Dogs, and Various “Critters.”

by Pat Morrell-Donnelly



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 22/02/2019

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.5x8.5
Page Count : 110
ISBN : 9781546274469

About the Book

As the title states, this book contains stories and poems about cats and dogs. It relates the joy and pleasure they brought to their owners and the grief experienced when their pet passes away. Pat has written these poems and stories, over time, about the animals’ life and after some of the animals passed on. The aim and purpose of the book is to help young people, starting with preteens, deal with grief through the reading of these stories and poems. It tells about the lives of these special cats and dogs. This is a self-help book of sorts. It is Pat’s hope that it will help preteens, teenagers, young adults, and even adults who have lost pets to know that others have also lost pets, how difficult it was, and how they dealt with the loss of the pet. Sometimes it helps when one pet dies to immediately get another one. That is sometimes difficult, as you feel no other pet can replace the one you lost. It is a blessing that many people rescue pets from the pound and animal shelters. There are also organizations that rescue dogs from being euthanized. Dogs and cats have meant much to many in different ways. They can be a therapy to senior citizens and shut-ins. They lift us up when we are having a bad day. The pets were given a good home. They were given love. They were like family. They gave unconditional love in return. The book includes pictures of the cats and dogs that go along with the stories and poems. For those of you who have had animals you loved and lost, other animal lovers can feel your pain. Hopefully, these poems and stories will serve to let you know others grieve as you do. You are not alone.

About the Author

Pat was born in Texas, and raised during the 1930’s depression era. Her family had little in the way of material things. There was no indoor plumbing, running water, or electricity. The toilet, (“out-house,”) was “out behind the back of the house.” Pat’s family moved to California when she was fourteen. She immediately found a job working four hours a day, attending school four hours a day. After graduating High School, at age sixteen, Pat was able to work full time. In those days people understood if they wanted something, monetarily, in life, you went out and worked for it. There was no welfare, no “give away” programs. No “free lunch.” After working various jobs, such as office work, modeling in San Francisco, Oakland, and Los Angeles, Pat worked fifty one years in the real estate profession in Northern California. Pat holds the unique distinction of being the only member of S.A.C.B.O.R to be honored “Miss Realtor,” in a contest in 1960. Pat has had articles and poems published in the “RealToro” Magazine, SACAR Realtor Guide, SACBOR TODAY, real estate publications. Over forty poems have been read at Memorial and Funeral Services, and used in Church Bulletins. Pat has published six books since 2009. “The Climb Up Life’s Mountain,” “Poems For Conservatives,” “My Journey As A Realtor,” “Honoring,” “Poetry Breathes Life Into Bible Characters.” "Poems And Stories About Cats And Dogs, And Various "Critters." Pat writes “Personalized Poetry,” has written over 1600 poems. Patriotic, political, religious, motivational, inspirational. She’s had “thank you” responses to her poems from, Queen of England, four U.S. Presidents, and two First Ladies. Pat has written poems for a Governor, two Senators, three Congressmen, two Georgia Representatives. Plus, businesses, and restaurant chains. Pat attended Church of Christ, San Leandro, California, forty three years. Later, Vallejo, California. Presently, C of C, Clermont, Georgia.