by Pat Morrell-Donnelly



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 01/03/2013

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 234
ISBN : 9781481721622

About the Book

This is a book of poems by Pat Morrell-Donnelly about “Honoring God,” “Honoring Family,” “Honoring Friends,” and “Honoring Country.” It is a very personal book but she hopes readers will relate to the thoughts in her poems. It is an attempt to pay homage to those that have touched her life in their own special, unique way. The dictionary states, “Honor is about respect, recognition, and esteem shown to others.” Reverence implies, “Profound respect mangled with love, devotion, or awe.” Pat states, “For those of us that had loving parents, loving families, and lifetime friends we have been greatly blessed. And to have been born into an exceptional country like the U.S.A., even as a child of the depression, knowing struggles and adversities, we still have been doubly blessed.” She says, “Trials and challenges only made us stronger. We believed if we wanted anything monetarily we had to work for it. We never thought of relying on the government.” Pat says, “Unlike some of our “citizens” today being brainwashed, we were ALWAYS proud of our country. We believed in being responsible, working hard to attain a better life, and always treating others as we would like to be treated.” “Honoring” is a book of poems about faith, hope, and love and inspirational and motivational thoughts. Also poems about her precious family, her loved ones and friends, and poems in memory of those that have “gone on before us.” Also poems of appreciation for our great country and those that have sacrificed and paid the ultimate price for our freedom. Thoughts in these poems come from difficulties and challenges and losses experienced while traveling her life’s journey, and hopefully they will touch the reader’s in a way to better equip them to face their own challenges and adversities. Strength derived from family and friends and Pat’s strong faith has brought her through many difficult times and while she can’t speak to “all” she is hoping through these poems she can show her appreciation for the part many have played in her life. For these she will be “forever grateful.”

About the Author

After working over fifty one years in the real estate industry as a Realtor and real estate Broker in the Bay Area near San Francisco Pat has had time to publish three books in three consecutive years. “Honoring” is her fourth book. “The Climb Up Life’s Mountain” published in 2009, 122 motivational and inspirational poems. “Poems For Conservatives” in 2010, political and patriotic poems. It includes cards and letters from three past Presidents and one First Lady in response to poems Pat has written for them. And “My Journey As A Realtor” in 2011, about her vast and varied experiences and the changes in technology through the years working in the real estate profession. Pat has written over 1400 poems over the last thirty five years. She writes personalized poems about people’s lives. She has had over thirty poems read at Funerals and Memorial Services. Pat has written poems for a Governor, U. S. Senator, U. S. Congressman, a Secretary of State, and three Georgia Representatives. Born and raised during the 1930’s depression for the first fourteen years of her life there was no inside plumbing, no electricity, no running water in her family's home. At the age of fourteen she worked at a cake and cookie factory part time and attended school part time. Graduating High School at age sixteen she worked full time at various jobs including her fifty one year real estate career from then on until 2007. Pat loves writing poems expressing her thoughts in rhyme. Writing is something she must do. Thoughts wake her up in the night and she has a pen and paper on her night stand, scratching out her thoughts, deciphering them later. She feels writing may be her purpose for being on this earth. Pat has also started work on her fifth book. She realizes at her age, “Time is of the essence.” Pat has been blessed with a loving family and friends and wishes to honor them with her “Honoring” book.