All About Love


by Pat Morrell-Donnelly



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 28/07/2023

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 324
ISBN : 9798823010511

About the Book

“All About Love” is Pat Morrell-Donnelly’s ninth book to publish. It contains two hundred twenty poems on different subjects. Each poem contains the word “love.” Many are motivational and inspirational type poems. Some tell about life and about life’s struggles and challenges that Pat has experienced. They tell about the love of God, Agape love, love of parents, love of nature, love of country, and different kinds of love. Most have a positive ending. Reading the poems will take one away a bit from the vicissitudes of life. Pat believes she has been given a gift from God that puts these poems in her mind. Perhaps some of the thoughts also come from being on this earth ninety four years. Many of the poems were written in the nineteen eighties and nineteen nineties and all through the years that followed. They portray some of the difficulties Pat experienced through out her life. The poems tell about different hardships, problems, losses and heartbreaks Pat suffered. Many times she is awakened in the night with thoughts going round in her head. She jots down or scribbles the thoughts on a pad next to her bed and deciphers the scribbling the following morning. She has also written many poems while under the hair dryer. The book also contains a short story “The Faded Photograph.” It is a great love story Pat wrote about a special couple she knew. The lady was originally from England. A second short story called “Unfinished” is about her mother who was killed by a drunk driver when her mother was forty five years of age. A beautiful life snuffed out prematurely. Pat worked all her life since age fourteen. She “made it” as the saying goes, and then “lost it all.” She was very successful at one point, but from wrong choices and decisions she lost all the material possessions she had attained over her lifetime. Pat realizes her poems are not everyone’s “cup of tea.” She appreciates that many have purchased her books and say they love her poems. They speak to just what that person needs at the time. Their spirit is lifted. She shares her life’s experiences through her poetry. If Pat’s poems can offer a bit of pleasure to any individual then the effort to put this book together and get it published will have been worth it all.

About the Author

Pat Morrell-Donnelly was born in Texas and raised during the 1930’s depression era. Her family had little in the way of material things. There was no indoor plumbing, running water or electricity. The toilet (out-house) was out behind the back of the house. There was no telephone in the home. Pat’s family was very close. Pat, her parents, and three siblings spent much time with her paternal grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. In 1943 Pat’s family moved to California. Pat was fourteen. She immediately found a job at a cake and cookie factory working four hours a day, attending school four hours a day. During the war, World War II, most anyone could find a job. After graduating High School at age sixteen Pat was able to work full time. There was no money for college. In those days people understood if they wanted something monetarily in life you went out and worked for it. There was no welfare and no give away programs. No “free lunch.” After working various jobs such as office work, modeling in San Francisco, Oakland and Los Angeles, Pat worked fifty one years in the real estate profession in the Bay Area of Northern California. She received her Brokers’s license in 1964, and opened her brokerage office in1965. Pat holds the unique distinction of being the only member of S.A.C.B.O.R, her real estate board, to be honored “Miss Realtor” in a contest in 1960. Pat has had articles and poems published in the RealToro Magazine, SACAR Realtor Guide, SACBOR TODAY, all real estate publications. Starting with nothing but hard work, some knowledge, and “OPM” (It’s called other people’s money) borrowing on one property to purchase another Pat was able to acquire twenty eight rental units. In the nineteen nineties, because of the real estate down turn in California, she lost it all. She got “upside down” in her properties owing more than they were worth. At that point in Pat’s life it was too late to make it all over again. Pat published eight books in fourteen years. Her first book, “The Climb Up Life’s Mountain” was published when Pat was eighty years of age in 2009. Then the following seven books published in sequence. “Poems For Conservatives,” “My Journey As A Realtor,” “Honoring,” “Poetry Breathes Life Into Bible Characters.” “Poems And Stories About Cats and Dogs and Various Critters,” “The Best For Last,” and “Poems For Conservatives.” Volume 2. Her ninth book, “All About Love” poems. Pat writes Personalized Poetry about people’s lives. She has written over 1800 poems. Patriotic, political, religious, motivational, inspirational. Over forty five of Pat’s poems have been read at memorial and funeral services and used in church bulletins. Pat has had thank you responses to her poems from Queen of England, four U.S. Presidents, two First Ladies, and other dignitaries. Pat has written poems for and about a Governor, a U. S. Senator, four U. S. Congressmen and two Georgia Representatives. Also, for businesses and restaurant chains. Pat was baptized at age eleven and is a member of the Church of Christ.