Overcoming Your Losses, Giants, and Mountains

by Professor Samuel C. Obi



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 9/22/2020

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 162
ISBN : 9781665500197

About the Book

Intended to inspire, deliver, uplift, enlighten, and encourage, this book shares some godly ideas and principles on how to resuscitate from the ashes of one’s losses and challenges, and to resurrect and blossom into a fuller, richer, and happier existence as intended by our Creator God who wants us to have life and have it more abundantly. The human journey on earth is dotted with experiences of difficult challenges of losses and intense encounters of unexpected barriers. While some sojourners face more of these challenges than others, everyone experiences them in one form or the other. This book is meant for all the individuals who are experiencing bereavement and grief; personal, career, job, or business losses; social, marital, or family-related losses; fortune or monetary losses; health-related losses; time-related losses; and or giant- and mountain-like challenges in their lives. Chapter 1 introduces the topic of overcoming your losses, giants, and mountains, including descriptions and definitions of different types of losses, giants, and mountains. Chapter 2 focuses on the painful occasion of the death of a loved one and some recommended steps to follow to make the experience more manageable, meaningful, and productive. Chapter 3 discusses how to deal with people's other losses, including career, business, and job losses; fortunes and property losses; social and relationship losses; loss of one’s health; and loss of one’s time. The challenge of dealing with your giants and mountains is discussed in chapter 4. Chapter 5 peeps into life beyond your losses, giants, and mountains and offers some suggestions on how to make that life more rewarding in your walk with God and man. Finally, chapter 6 discusses how to be born again into the Kingdom of God, to assist folks who want to be true Christians on how to get started.

About the Author

Dr. Samuel Obi is a Professor and Director of Technology at San Jose State University where he has taught since 1989. He also teaches courses in the Manufacturing Systems program in the College of Engineering. His expertise is in Manufacturing Systems, including manufacturing processes, manufacturing planning and control, quality control, product prototyping and development, green and sustainability product design, computer-integrated manufacturing, general material processing, industrial ethics, and technology and civilization. Dr. Obi has helped to found and lead many programs and organizations throughout his career. In addition, he is an active technology transfer agent. His specific research interests are in manufacturing systems, technology transfer to developing economies, and ethics and the technologist/industry. Presently, he is the Trustee of the Rho chapter of the honorary Epsilon Pi Tau, an honorary organization for professions in technology. He also served as the Regional Director for the Honorary for many years. He has served on numerous departmental, college, and university committees as well as being an adviser to various university student clubs. He has also helped to found programs and cultural organizations geared to helping Nigerian and African immigrants adjust to life in American society. Overcoming Your Losses, Giants, and Mountains, which is his 10th book, is written to inspire, enlighten, encourage, uplift, and assist people in their pursuit to confronting life’s losses and intense challenges. It provides godly ideas and principles on how to confront these problems. His other books include: Building Attractive Christianity; Exalting God’s Faithfulness; In Remembrance of Christ; Purpose in Waiting; God’s Kingdom First; A Table Prepared Before Me; A Handbook of Productive Industrial Ethics; Introduction to Manufacturing Systems; and Readings for Amerigerian Igbo. He has also authored numerous peer-reviewed technical articles in his profession, and has presented at numerous professional conferences and events.