Readings for Amerigerian Igbo

Culture, History, Language, and Legacy

by Professor Samuel C. Obi



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 12/23/2010

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 224
ISBN : 9781452097930

About the Book

Readings for Amerigerian Igbo was written to be a legacy, road map and information source for American-born Nigerian children (Amerigerians) who, unlike their Nigerian-born and raised parents, did not get the chance to be born and raised in Nigerian culture. This generation has significant language and cultural deficiencies with regard to their Nigerian root. This book was written to help this later generation, and other like future generations, to understand better the nature of their root, and what to do to help facilitate their connection to that root. A rootless human being often feels like someone who dropped out of the sky with no known origin. Such a life has a tendency to bounce around with little or no anchor. Often, people with that type of background have a tendency to lose hope of striving, as they encounter difficult life problems in their new and emerging world. During the 1970s and early 1980s, there was a mass exodus of Nigerian students to American colleges and universities. Since then, most American-educated Nigerian graduates are forced to find jobs and settle in the United States. Being relatively new in the United States, the Nigerian community is emerging and discovering that there are problems associated with settling in the United State after all. One of those problems deals with educating and acclimatizing their American-born children with the ethos of life in the Nigeria that these parents left behind as students. Highlights of the book include: history and background of Nigerians who studied in the United States; how Amerigerians’ situation evolved; what has been done to help solve the problem; the realities of things and inevitable challenges for Amerigerians; dealing with Amerigerians’ situation, i.e. what Amerigerians can do; roses in our culture; and some helpful lessons to speaking the Igbo language.

About the Author

Professor Samuel Obi is a professor at San Jose State University where he has taught for over 21 years. He coordinates and teaches courses in the Manufacturing Systems program in the Department of Aviation and Technology, Charles W. Davidson College of Engineering. He also serves as an advisor to students, including the Nigerian Student Association of San Jose State University. Professor Obi has helped to found programs geared to helping Nigerian and African immigrants adjust to life in American society. One of those programs was the Nigerian Language and Cultural Institute which he actively participated in as well as serving as the Director for many years. He also helped to found and lead the Nnewi Neighborhood Association of Northern California, which has served the social and cultural needs of his fellow immigrants for many years. He has authored numerous peer-reviewed technical articles in his field, and has presented at numerous professional conferences. He has served on numerous departmental, college, university, local and national community committees. He is also an active technology transfer agent. Professor Obi is currently a Regional Director for the Honorary Epsilon Pi Tau. He is happily married with four children. He lives in Tracy, California where he is actively involved in various professional, academic, social and cultural causes.