Building Attractive Christianity:

A Layman’s Observations and Suggestions

by Professor Samuel C. Obi



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 11/11/2019

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 150
ISBN : 9781728334578

About the Book

This book elaborates on how to build God’s Church and challenges individual Christians, the clergy, and the Church to examine themselves and to live as the Lord requires in building His Church. It sends a message to the Church which needs to minister to the world as the body of Christ in that it has a responsibility to represent Christ to the world. It also sends a message to the individual Christian who needs to live as light to the world, because every Christian has an obligation to live a life of sacrifice for the Lord. Chapter 1 introduces the fact that the average American Christian today does not find church attendance as attractive as attending most other social events. Chapter 2 discusses the attractiveness of Christ and argues that, if Christ was attractive to the throngs of people who followed Him during His days, His Church would be equally attractive to the world of our days. Chapter 3 covers the subject of how Christians can assist in fulfilling Jesus' Great Commission of preaching the Gospel to everyone. Chapter 4 discusses how to help Church leadership, as representative of the Church, to be attractive. Chapter 5 discusses how to help the Church to be attractive in its ministry to the world, emphasizing that we must demonstrate to the world that we are loving people who have the love of Jesus Christ. Chapter 6 explains attractive Christianity as the culmination of the sacrificial efforts of the Church and Christians. The chapter describes how this budding Church would experience a harvest of harvests much like the mustard seed example which grew and fed birds of the air. Chapter 7 discusses why everyone should be born into the Kingdom of God and provides steps on how to be a born-again Christian.

About the Author

Dr. Samuel Obi is a Professor and Director of Technology at San Jose State University where he has taught since 1989. He also coordinates and teaches courses in the Manufacturing Systems program in the College of Engineering. His expertise is in Manufacturing Systems, including manufacturing processes, manufacturing planning and control, quality control, product prototyping and development, green and sustainability product design, computer-integrated manufacturing, and general material processing. He also teaches courses in the areas of industrial ethics and technology and civilization. Dr. Obi has helped to found and lead many programs and organizations throughout his career. In addition, he is an active technology transfer agent. His specific research interests are in the areas of manufacturing systems, technology transfer to developing economies, and ethics and the technologist/industry. Presently, he is the trustee of the Rho chapter of the honorary Epsilon Pi Tau, an honorary organization for professions in technology. He also served as the Regional Director for the Honorary for many years. He has served on numerous departmental, college, and university committees, and as adviser to various university student clubs. He has also helped to found programs and cultural organizations geared to helping Nigerian and African immigrants adjust to life in American society. Building Attractive Christianity, which is his 9th book, is written on how to build God’s Church to become attractive like its Founder Jesus Christ. It provides ideas to individual Christians, the clergy, and the Church on how to accomplish this task. His other books include: Exalting God’s Faithfulness; In Remembrance of Christ; Purpose in Waiting; God’s Kingdom First; A Table Prepared Before Me; A Handbook of Productive Industrial Ethics; Introduction to Manufacturing Systems; and Readings for Amerigerian Igbo. He has also authored numerous peer-reviewed technical articles in his profession, and has presented at numerous professional conferences and events.