Purpose in Waiting

And Strength Renewal Tips

by Professor Samuel C. Obi



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 9/22/2016

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 146
ISBN : 9781524639150

About the Book

Purpose in Waiting was written to help people understand the purpose and reasons for waiting on the Lord, waiting processes and logistics, and how to more successfully deal with the issues associated with waiting. It is hoped that in so doing, all fellow pilgrims will be encouraged to more successfully finish this unavoidable challenge irrespective of its magnitude and dynamics. This book is not about religiosity. It is for the ordinary person who struggles to obey the Master like everyone else in a complex world with its growing challenges. The waiting game affects every person; no one, irrespective of their maturity and status, is immune from its adverse consequences. Many people have given up on waiting because of the pains and stress that accompany it. Often, some well-meaning Christians permanently damage what could have been a great breakthrough to a victorious life. This book is broken into seven chapters. Chapter 1 explores the various logistics and myths about waiting, such as the nature of its challenges, characteristics, components, sample challenges, and why we should stay on course. Chapter 2 discusses the purpose in waiting, why we have to wait, why we lose or win, and the opportunities in the problems we face in life. Chapter 3 explores how to renew our strength with effective prayers, purpose in prayer, how we should pray, and how to utilize the renewal power of prayers. Chapter 4 looks into how to renew our spiritual strength. Chapter 5 discusses the need to renew our career, social and physical strength. Chapter 6 recommends some important attitudes waiting Christians should have to make their lives more manageable. Chapter 7 is designed to help anyone who is not a born-again Christian on how to get started.

About the Author

Professor Samuel C. Obi and Dr. Adora N. Obi were both educated in the United States of America, where they have resided and worked for many years. Professor Obi is the director of technology in the Department of Aviation and Technology, College of Engineering at San Jose State University, where he has taught manufacturing systems since 1989. Dr. Adora Obi has been teaching with Tracy Unified School System since 1998. Their jobs have exposed them to thousands of students, educators, administrators, professionals, and families over the years. Originally from Nigeria, they have lived the immigrant life experience and have written Purpose in Waiting from a combined experience that spanned more than sixty years in the United States of America alone. In addition to Purpose in Waiting, they have also authored several other books and many articles. They have been instrumental in founding many programs and fellowships over the years. Together, they have labored in the Lord and have had their own share of waiting experiences at various times in their lives. They believe that waiting is a key component of the Christian’s life development. They currently live in Tracy, California, and are blessed with four grown children and two grandchildren.