The Path to Ascension

by Rick Austinson



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 04/05/2007

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 612
ISBN : 9781434305633

About the Book

All anyone really wants is a normal life and a great adventure. Most people will settle for the adventure. Hunter Jusenkyou never wasted time wanting a normal life, because wanting things you know you’re never going to have is pointless.


Instead, find something realistic worth trying for, worth hoping for, worth fighting for. That is the secret to living well.


Abandoned at an early age, this peculiar individual is cunningly intelligent, brutally strong, and not always known for thinking things through. He lives his life fighting for the things he knows are right.


And follow the path, wherever it leads him.

About the Author

Rick Austinson was born in Tarzana California and has lived most of his life in the small bedroom community of Camarillo. Growing up he was always known for his creativity and imagination, and unrelenting stubbornness.


He began writing seriously in high school, were he discovered that short stories were a lot more approachable than novels, and often entertained his friends with tales of space travel, wizards, and giant robots.


He finished his very first short story with the words “This is part of a larger story that will never be written.” Subsequent stories ended with “may never be written” and finally he dropped the suffix all together when it looked like the story would in fact be written.


When Rick started college, he found a new direction for his creative pursuits: Game Design. He studied Multimedia Development and Digital Entertainment and Game Design at ITT Technical Institute, and now pursues a career in the game industry as an Environmental and Asset modeler, while still writing prolifically on the side.


His 3D artwork can be seen on the web at, along with samples of most of his writing.


Rick also often talks about himself in the third person.