by Bill Lloyd



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 10/02/2000

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 232
ISBN : 9781585008001

About the Book

Tom Gorman knew from the start that this was not going to be a routine consulting assignment. First, one of the client's female employees is brutally murdered outside the regional manager's office. Then the chairman of the board asks him to develop a succession plan that will assure his son takes over the corporation upon his retirement. This throws Gorman directly into the political jockeying within the executive suite and the board for control of the succession process. Initially he is successful as he gingerly treads around the political land mines at corporate headquarters.

Prior to her untimely demise, the murdered young lady had charged two senior executives with sexual misconduct. Meg Carlucci, head of human resources, is intent on nailing her fellow senior executives on this charge. Her progress unnerves the chairman who directs Gorman to rein her in. The succession project, Wade's murder, and the sexual adventures of some of the senior executives complicate Gorman's life as he begins to see connections between succession, murder and sex. That's when the assignment becomes dangerous.

Despite continued threats and Gorman's attempts to rein her in, Meg vigorously pursues her investigation until she stumbles onto damning truths that tell her she has gone too far. The subsequent mysterious death of one of the senior executives triggers a chain of events that draws Meg and Gorman into direct contact with the killers. Not only is their life on the line, but Gorman realizes his estranged wife and two children's lives are in danger.

Throughout the novel, the chairman displays his overwhelming grasp of the levers of power within the large corporation. What he did not realize was that one very simple decision triggered events that unleased forces he could not control.

About the Author

Bill Lloyd spent over twenty years as a management consultant with an international consulting firm. He has worked with many large corporations in the US and abroad. In the course of his consulting assignments, Mr. Lloyd interacted and worked with many chairmen and CEO's of large corporations.

Prior to consulting, Mr. Lloyd was a director of the Great Books Foundation. He taught at Penn State and the University Of Wisconsin while working on graduate degrees in intellectual and social history. He served two years in the US Army.

Mr. Lloyd and his wife, Clara, live in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. They have two grown children living in NYC. Both he and Clara serve as tennis coaches for Special Olympics. Mr. Lloyd also serves on the Advisory Council of the Board of Directors for Special Olympics South Carolina.

Mr. Lloyd recently completed his second novel, Hostile Takeover, and is working on his third.