AuthorHouse Submission Checklist

Let’s look at a list of things that you need to include in your submission.

1. Submission Information Form
The Submission Information Form is very important. It will first ask for your book’s title, a subtitle if you have one, and your pen name. Then, you’ll choose your final book size and enter your ‘About the Book’ and ‘About the Author’ text. It’s also where you can share your thoughts and ideas about the cover design and interior layout.

2. Manuscript
The most obvious item you’ll need to send is your manuscript. Please send only the complete, final manuscript in a single merged file. We don’t need to receive any partial manuscripts or early drafts. If you are paying for file merging, please be sure to also include a document explaining the order in which the files should be merged or be sure that the files are labeled in chronological order.

3. Images for Your Interior (if applicable)
If your manuscript contains images, we need each image sent as a separate electronic image file, preferably a TIF file that meets the size and resolution requirements discussed in our video A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words, Using Images to Bring Your Book to Life. Please note there are additional fees for selecting stock images for your interior and Image Insertion Fees if you’re submitting more than 10 images for a black and white book or more than 50 for a color book. Be sure there are image placeholders typed directly into your manuscript and that they refer to your images by their file names.

4. Image Captions (if applicable)
If you images have captions, we need the captions typed directly into your manuscript, along with the image placement instructions, or they can be sent in a separate document labeled ‘Captions’.

5. Image(s) for Your Cover (optional)
You are welcome to send one or two images for your front cover. Please be sure to include the word ‘Cover’ in their file names. Also, be sure they meet size and resolution requirements. If the images aren’t your own, be sure that you have legal permission to use them. You can select one or two stock images (at,253,28,34,260,13,268,215,445,2,452,451,109,277,68,344/f=PIHV) for your front cover at no additional charge. Enter the image ID numbers of the images you’ve chosen on your Submission Information Form.

6. Author Photo (optional)
You may send a photo of yourself to accompany your ‘About the Author’ bio. If the bio and photo are going inside the book, the photo will count toward your image limit (10 for black and white books, 50 for color books). If you would like to print your photo on the back cover, you will need to purchase the Personalized Back Cover option. See our Fee Schedule or contact your marketing consultant to learn more about the personalized back cover.

7. Dust-Jacket Flap Text (optional; if applicable)
If you have purchased Hard Cover Publishing along with the Personalized Back Cover, you have the option of submitting text or images for your dust jacket flaps. Each flap, front and back, can hold up to 150 words. If you send images for you dust jacket flaps, reduce this word count accordingly.

8. My Submission List
Finally, it is a good idea to send us a list of all of the materials we should be expecting from you. Call this document ‘My Submission List’, and be sure it includes your full name and the title of your book. This document will serve as a checklist for us so that we’ll know when we’ve received all of your materials.

If you’re publishing a color or poetry book, or if your book contains images or special formatting concerns such as footnotes, tables, columns of text, or an index, we recommend watching our subject-specific videos on these topics before submitting your materials. If you have any additional submission concerns, you are always welcome to contact us at 1-888-519-5121.

Thanks again for choosing AuthorHouse as your publisher. We look forward to getting started on your book.