Out of Time

by Anne Louise Grimm



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 4/28/2006

Format : Hardcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 272
ISBN : 9781425920418
Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 272
ISBN : 9781425920425

About the Book

     An across the centuries extra-dimensional, extra-sensory dance of self discovery. The narrator is abandoned by, in turn, the 16th century teenage sailor Fernando, pre-teen Native Central American María, fugitive from the law fortyish León and the beautiful and saintly mid-twenties black, Gloria. After which is left behind the almost centenarian Granny Lise—and the accessory-in-disaster Olaf.

            Each individual met, begins at different level of maturity, and progresses from there. Time is no longer linear. With ever-expanding limits, the characters time travel at will. After the soul leaves the body behind—during what some call purgatory.

            Common emotions remain. Hungers remembered, do not. Encounters are innocent. Procreation impossible, no erotic drive exists. The history and geography is accurate, fictional characters supposedly with photographic memories and total recall. Disaster and catastrophe, as slapstick also, are integral to the fiction—not added as gratuitous violence.

            All the characters are totally fictional—the history and geographic detail, including the names of some real people historically important—is completely factual. Those who have been to the locations described, will recognize them.

About the Author

Anne Louise Grimm is a member of the National Society of Newspaper Columnists, with latest column "Grimmly Reflecting." Copies of her "Of Shoes and Ships" column in the historic daily English-language Star & Herald of Panama, are on microfiche at the Library of Congress. Published in newspapers and US magazines with inclusion from an extensive collection of her own photographs and drawings, she is FCC licensed Extra Class amateur radio operator with Volunteer Examiner certification, KA7TON, and trustee of KD7KAJ, Willapa Amateur Radio Club. Licensed over 20 years ago as a Novice, she passed the Clase B test—in Spanish—for an HP2 license. A 7th degree member of the Grange at Willapa Valley Grange #527, she is incorporator—and one of the directors—of Willapa DAWN, Domestic Abuse Women’s Net.

After travels by highway, and additionally by ship and plane, multiple times from the Pacific Northwest—between nearby Canada and Panama at the equator—through all US states except Hawaii, all Mexican states except the Baja and Yucatan Peninsulas and Central American countries except Belize, she has returned permanently to Pacific County, Washington. To about 10 kilometers—half a dozen miles—from where she was born. She lives in an apartment with two faux fur cats and an owl. Any of which travel in luggage without complaint nor need of litter box. Currently she tends a young indoor banana plant which is growing nicely, thank you—and aloe vera also doing well.

Anne has always lived near sea level along the temperate—and tropic—rainforest coast. She has enough Spanish and her original German learned as a child, for listener laughter, and claims the "Grimm" sense of humor of her parents and siblings. She HTML codes her Web site at http://www.willapabay.org/~anne/annepers.htm