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Language : English
Publication Date : 27/04/2005

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 336
ISBN : 9781420838473

About the Book

Flim-flam artists, captains of industry, Wall Street piranhas, impatient mobsters, spinmeisters and assorted mountebanks abound in Ultimate Severance, a highly satirical and imaginative novel that provides a public relations guidebook to the reality of spin and humbuggery in the 21st Century.  

With the end of the War on Terror through the accidental launch of new “lite’n kleen” nukes, a culture of euphoria, ethical and social impairment and calls for numerous peace dividends is again in fashion.  This is clearly an environment of business opportunity for financially-bleeding Trotter Pugg Mitchell, a world PR giant, and its clients such as Old Masters Originals, a maker of “limited edition” reproduction art. And when the agency teams up with Mob Boss Joey Lasagna to abet dicey corporate megamergers, they provide Wall Street raiders with a new quick-fix ultimate severance package: an innovative Corporate Governance Program powered by Trotter’s new “language of happiness.”

Cash flow gushes.  Money is well laundered. Trotter President Marvin Runnymede sets up a European “multi-use facility” in a 500-year old chateau in Provence; plans to sell “Instant PR Agency” franchises to Third World countries, and hires has-been “Greats” to promote dubious products and ventures. 

But fortune’s smile becomes a sardonic grin. So many stubborn CEOs undergo fatal retirements in colorful circumstances around the world that a powerful US Senator decides to advance his presidential ambitions with the usual TV-circus hearings. Well-cooked dishes of suspicion, buncombe and open doubt are served to the media.

In the ensuing rush for strategic exits, winners and losers fake out, promote and wound each other in surprising ways; the faux rond wheels of justice grind and clank, and the “language of happiness” covers all. 

About the Author

James Baar is a writer, international corporate communications consultant, blogger, corporate communications software developer, former business executive and Washington journalist and sometime college lecturer. He is the author of an earlier satirical novel on business and public affairs, The Great Free Enterprise Gambit; Spinspeak II: The Dictionary of Language Pollution; four books on politics and technology; and a forthcoming collection of short stories, The Real Thing and Other Tales. He is editor of the Spinspeak Letter weblog www.spinspeak.com. Baar is a graduate of Union College where he majored in philosophy.  He and his wife and small dog, Fred the Affenpinscher, live in Providence, RI.