The San Diego Connection

by Gustave A. Boehn III



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 16/06/2003

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 256
ISBN : 9781410756787

About the Book

Death Below Deck

Jim and Lee are in their kayaks exploring a boat graveyard in the San Diego Bay, when they decide to board an old wooden schooner that’s sitting on the bottom in shallow water. The schooner is listing badly with most of its’ hull exposed. With flashlights in hand they go below deck and make their way aft along a passageway. They come across a gaping hole in the deck where the boards have rotted away. Shining their flashlights down into the darkness they discover a horrific crime scene. One so terrible, it turns the stomachs of the police chief and the two hardened homicide detectives assigned to the case. The investigation eventually leads to an international manhunt.

Dos Cabezas

Two guys embark on a weekend trip to the desert in search of an oasis with giant palm trees. It’s rumored to be located in an area called Corrizo Gorge, which is one hundred miles due east of San Diego. Just before daybreak they stop to have breakfast in the small desert town of Ocotillo. The only people in the restaurant at that early hour are the sheriff and the elderly woman proprietor.

The sheriff is more than happy to give them directions to Corrizo Gorge. Upon the sheriff leaving, the proprietor informs them that Corrizo Gorge is located on sacred Indian land, and rumored to be protected by their Gods. She also enlightens them about several accidents that happened there that cost people their lives. She was hoping this information would discourage them from venturing into the Gorge, but they fail to pick up on what she was trying to get across to them. Upon entering Corrizo Gorge, their worst nightmare begins to unfold.

About the Author

The author works as an aerospace engineer. His hobbies are photography, kayaking, archery, writing and traveling. Favorite book: Love By Neshaminy Creek, a true love, adventure story. Favorite movies: Key Largo, Casablanca, Full Moon In Blue Water, Green Ice and Five Easy Pieces. Favorite vacations: Florida Keys and San Diego.