by Kerry Deminski



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 16/02/2000

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 300
ISBN : 9781585005840

About the Book

Ken Fontaine feels as if he's won a lottery when he lands a coveted job with a thriving ad agency. But when he fills in for a motivational speaker who has been injured on his way to a seminar, the young ad writer's life becomes infinitely more exciting. The ad agency owner, Sarah Gould, is so impressed with his performance that she offers to finance a motivational speaking tour.

Crisscrossing the country and speaking to packed auditoriums, Fontaine unfailingly establishes an instant rapport with every audience. His charisma and reputation combine to cause audience members to divulge their innermost problems and seek his insight. Only his closest friends know that his gregarious public persona serves to hide the fact that he struggles on a daily basis to deal with the emotional scars of having been abandoned by his mother at the age of seven. The most serious of these problems is a fear of entering into a steady relationship with a woman. But that changes after he meets Pam Clayton, an audience member who is also trying to overcome her own traumatic childhood. Andrea Simms, whom Pam thinks of as her best friend but wants only to dominate and control her, comes up with a bizarre scheme to terminate Pam's involvement with Ken Fontaine.

About the Author

It is a well-documented fact that a fiction writer's life experiences enhance the plots and characters that he or she creates. Kerry Deminski is a man who worked as a letter carrier for the United States Postal Service for three and a half decades, but spent a lot of time before and during that period holding down other jobs as well. He worked as an armed guard for a detective agency, as a truck driver for a bookbinder, as a janitor, as a heating and air conditioning mechanic, as a theater usher, as a convenience store clerk, and as a factory laborer. While still a teenager in Appalachia, he spent three years working after high school and on weekends for an uncle in the trucking business, shoveling coal and shouldering heavy blocks of ice into hundreds of homes in that depressed region. During these jobs, and others not mentioned, Deminski filed away in his mind all of the people he met and all of the things they said and did, hoping to draw upon these experiences to enrich the books he knew he would write someday. Now, that someday has arrived and the prolific author turns out one, sometimes two, novels every year.