My Book of Poems for the World

Poems and Prose for Soul Searching

by Raymond C. Christian



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 10/06/2011

Format : Hardcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 316
ISBN : 9781463400941
Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 316
ISBN : 9781463400958

About the Book

I hope this book will touch your heart concerning the many attributes of life I have shared with you. Although I do not have a set style of writing I consider myself as being creative and versatile a God given ability and talent to create words with energy and emotions. The variety of poems that are placed in this book are unique in their own way. I pray which ever poem or prose enlightens your heart that you are able to embrace the words and share them with someone else. I pray this book will help you to be able to encourage the life of someone around you and help to change the course of their life. Poetry is a spiritual gift of love concerning the many evolutions and cycles that this world we call the planet earth evolves around. It is a gift of love shared by the muses of ones connectivity to bring an individual or individuals into a glorifying act of happiness and peace through each word, each line, each stanza and ending. What you choose to grasp and take with you concerning my work I pray it will be with you forever. My Book of Poems for the World is a mixture of my work. According to how you feel at the time you pick up the book to read it. I am certain you will thumb through the pages and say to yourself, I like this one or that one. Just remember that any poem or prose you choose it is definitely up to your liking. You will enjoy them all but everyone has a favorite. I expressed many emotions and feelings in this book concerning the poetry and prose enclosed. You will find poems and prose of, love, romance, humor, spiritual enlightenment, poems and prose for just a little food for thought. On the spiritual side of it all I must say that the prose, “Just One More Soul” is one of my best works. It deals with the lost soul and how you must seek God for yourself. There is also, “A Penny for Your Thoughts” quite controversial yet it leads you to a higher power as one would say reminding you in the process of course there is only one true God. If you would go deeper into the book and study it carefully I am certain that you are going to run across what I consider a little food for thought a prose I have written titled, “My Shoes, My Bed, My Table” if you really have a heart ticking in your body once you finish this one prose I am certain you will become more involved in what is taking place with those who are in need of assistance. Not just the homeless but the widows, orphans and strangers who you turn your backs on daily. “I Cry from the Womb” is based on the awareness all mothers should have due to their ability to bring life into this world, a child crying for their mother’s protection (sensitive and touching). Although I do not consider myself to be a controversial writer I understand that some of my work does take some people into deep thought(meaning critics) and will cause them to think otherwise. I must state because of my love for all mankind I only write what I know to be factual and true, what I have experienced and what I have researched in order that the truth does not get distorted. Prose like “The Whip”, “An Unpaid Debt”, “The Dim Light of Justice” and a few others may spark a few thoughts concerning your creed, color or religious background. I state it is time for a positive change to occur and if my work begins to reopen the doors of concern for everyone to put their cards on the table and show their hands then there is not a need to vote.

About the Author

Raymond C. Christian is a graduate of The Institute of Children's Literature. He is a professionally driven young author whom has always had an interest in writing since the age of twelve. He qualified for acceptance in North America's top writing school and earned the special recommendation of his instructor for consideration in the Institute's advanced writing program, he is a remarkable writer. Raymond is an Elder in the Church of God in Christ/ Hall of Fame Poet/ Author of 5 books and still counting his first book 1. It Still Exists Today it is quite controversial but true. It is openly informative as the author leaves any questionalble doubt as to what takes place in Oklahoma City Main post office. 2. Women Tell What Men Should Know it took the author three years and six months to complete this book thuroughly researched and pictures of legendary women you would probably never get a chance to speak with in person. 3. My Book of Passion Exclusively for Women 4. Poems of Spiritual Praise 5. My Book of Poems for the World the author has other accomplishments as well he is a Radio Host/Executive Producer/Poet Scholar/ Poet Fellow/Military Officer etc...Raymond was inducted into the Poets Hall of Fame in 1997. He has received many honors and awards due to his many talents concerning the arts. Raymond received his first award in 1996 from the Famous Poets Society in Anaheim, California. He is continuously acknowledged and featured in newspapers, talk shows and radio throughout the country. Raymond received the Prometheus Muse of Fire award in 2001. Raymond continues to keep himself busy by dedicating his time to servicing the United States veterans and serving as the executive producer of his radio show. Feel free to link up After serving in the Afghanistan war Raymond pledged his life toward helping those who were less fortunate. His dedicated service to the armed forces of the United States of America is impeccable and his contributions to society are insurmountable. At the rank of Captain, Raymond served as the first and only African American Commandant in the history of Fort Benjamin Harrison in Indianapolis, Indiana, where he was in charge of an entire base of approximately 850 soldiers serving only second in command to a Brigadire General. He earned the title Ambassador of Poetry and received his first Life Time Achievement Award in 2006. He received the Outstanding Achievement Award in 2008 as a special acknowledgment due to his creative work while being of service to the United States of America serving in the Afghanistan War. Upon being selected as the Poet Scholar by the International Library of Poetry Raymond was later contacted by Noble House in London, England because of his creative and unique way of writing. He was honored with the Poet Fellow award in 2007 receiving International recognition. You can read more about this honored Hall of Fame Poet by going to You will also be able learn more about the author and the books he has written as he continues to contribute unconditionally to society.