It Still Exists Today – A True Story of Racism in the United States Postal Service

The Story Oklahoma Did Not Want Told

by Raymond C. Christian



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 22/04/2005

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 252
ISBN : 9781420836974

About the Book

This is a true story of the author and his experiences while working for the United States Postal Service in Oklahoma City,Oklahoma.  

The author provides the reader questions and answers concerning the postal service. He expresses his concern to help the reader understand his experiences while providing those in Administrative positions the ability to review racial hate he experienced and make positive changes and correction in order that history does not continue repeating itself.  This book is based on true life experiences the author had to endure until finally resigning.  He openly forgives the personal hatred towards him.  The hatred he endured made him a better person and helped him to bare the burden of writing such a book.  "Great thought was given and there is nothing more special then being a vessel for God Almighty the abuse I endured is almost unheard of."  The year is 2005 my first book was released." 

The author pours out his blood stained banner after all he has been through and states it plainly in the pages of this book those who hated him the most he loved even more.   I remembered this scripture "There is no good or bad deed that goes unrewarded" "Vengeance is mine thus said the Lord I shall repay." Trust him he will.

“This book was written because I care.”


About the Author

Ordained Elder COGIC, State of Indiana Director for Juneteenth, Humanitarian, Hall of Fame Poet, Author, Scholar, Military officer and Notable Personality.  The author’s title of humanitarian is attributed to him fighting for justice for all Americans.  The true facts in this book unveils violation of the authors civil rights.  The United States Postal Service in Oklahoma is where this true story unfolds.  The author speaks openly about the suffering he endured while working for the Oklahoma City Postal Service.  This shocking story will answer many questions of concern for the American public . This book will help those in position make changes concerning problems in The United States Postal Service.

 The author quotes cases and insite scriptures from the Holy Bible on how he was able to get through the challenges presented to him in order to complete days at work.  He asks the American public to question the issues concerning what happened to him and states,  "Where is the due process of law concerning the issues presented, this is America every man, woman and child born in this country are born with inalienable rights."  the author states he has served this country with passion in his heart  for all American's regardless of race, creed or color his intent is not to tear the system down but to build it up with truth.  The poem in this book "The Dim Light of Justice" will bring you to a new horizon.  In 1997 the author was inducted into The International Poets Hall of Fame.

Raymond C. Christian makes history  at Fort Benjamin Harrison as the first and only African American Commandant in the history of the 88th RRG Indianapolis, Indiana.

For God's Glory