My Book of Passion Exclusively for Women

Essential Thoughts for the Feminine Woman in You

by Raymond C. Christian



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 11/08/2009

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 92
ISBN : 9781438983875

About the Book

For women only, you will not be able to put this book down each page varies according to the woman;s feelings.  What she wishes to display for the moment, whether a happy face or a mood she needs to get into.  It is all about the sensual woman, the very essence which makes her a Queen, a Princess a strong yet fragile Goddess of Beauty.  Let your fantasy grant you the pleasure of going deep inside a woman's thoughts ranging from fictional, non-fictional, romantic and poetic.  "My Book of Passion Exclusively for Women"reveals the virtuous woman, why she deserves the roses, let's not forget the lighted candles, the precious oils to soothe and relax her body while she lies in wait, wanting to be made to feel like a woman.  Women this book will capture your mind and put you in a mood of identifying with your soul and understanding your need to forefeel self.  Every page will enlighten your heart to know you are God's gift of love, beauty and passion to the world.  Explore the curiosity of what makes you (woman) so divine so refined that you never cease to amaze man with your ability to travel into different venues of life transposing your subconscious emotional thoughts, special moments in time that allows you to drift off into  the world you wish to see, romantic, poetic fantasies of passion.  "My Book of Passion Exclusively for Women" responds to the physical and emotional needs of women.  Keep in mind after her physical satisfaction is reached the nature of a woman is to be held, caressed and kissed, most of all she wants to be heard.  "Essential Thoughts for the Feminine Woman in You", Women Enjoy!

About the Author

Wow this is awesome my third book in less than two years.  I am really happy about this project first of all because it is the second book I was able to complete about women.  I enjoyed this project the entire time I was working on it because it brings out the essence of women, they are extremely aware and concerned beings.  They are so undermined intellectually yet always giving of self to society, family relationships(friends and organizations), marriage etc.  They receive so little credit for their dedication to their sponsorship in making things work.  I've had great pleasure in being able to convey a message to the world by writing "My Book of Passion Exclusively for Women."  The one thing about women which still stands is the fact that women are still the nurturers and caregivers of this world.  There is nothing like being able to say that one name, it does not matter how you call her she will hear it from any room in the house, Mom, Mommy, Mother, Mama, Ma-Dear etc, it is such a wonderful blessing to all who bear the title of (Woman), a mother, a friend, a great counselor and adviser to her spouse her child or children.

As for me the author of "My Book of Passion Exclusively for Women" I am enthusasiastic because as a child my grandfather A.C. Jones was a professional business man working to provide for the family. I was blessed to be raised in a home with such a strong lineage of women.  Four generations of women, my mother, my mother's mother, my mothers mother's mother and of course Big Mama an arsenal of women who all shared many things with me.  I learned to be considerate and compassionate now I share it with the world.