Run into Trouble

by Alan Cook



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 27/01/2009

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 256
ISBN : 9781438923505

About the Book

Winner Silver Quill award by the American Authors Association and voted best Pacific West book by Reader Views.

“I really like books by this author…I often felt like I was out there running with them.”

—Dawn Dowdle for


            Drake and Melody are teamed up to run a race along the California Coast for a prize of a million dollars—in 1969 when a million is worth something. Neither knows the other is in the race before it starts. They did undercover work together in England, but this information is supposed to be top secret.


            The race sponsor, Giganticorp, is a large and very profitable government military contractor, whose ambitious CEO, Casey Messinger, is connected to the powerful in Washington, which must give him access to classified information.


            The nine other pairs of runners entered in the race are world-class marathoners, including a winner of the Boston Marathon. If this competition isn’t enough, somebody tries to knock Drake out of the race before it begins. But Drake and Melody also receive threats calculated to keep them from dropping out.


            The stakes increase when startling events produce fatalities and impact the race, leading them to ask whether the Cold War with the USSR is about to heat up. If so, is it safer to line up with the hawks or the doves—because a wrong choice may mean giving up valuable freedom for questionable security.


            With their previous training and their own contacts in Washington, Drake and Melody are in the best position to figure out whether various events are connected and who is behind them.


      Their other challenge is to keep themselves in good physical condition to be able to compete for the prize money while running through the spectacular scenery of the California coast.

About the Author

After spending more than a quarter of a century as a pioneer in the computer industry, Alan Cook is well into his second career as a writer.


Run into Trouble is a mystery/suspense novel about a footrace along the California coast in 1969 during the Cold War. But is the Cold War about to heat up?


The Hayloft: a 1950s mystery and prize-winning Honeymoon for Three  feature Gary Blanchard, first as a high school senior who has to solve the murder of his cousin, and ten years later as a bridegroom who gets more than he bargained for on his honeymoon.


Hotline to Murder takes place at a crisis hotline in Bonita Beach, California. When a listener is murdered, Tony and Shahla team up to uncover the strange worlds of their callers and find the killer.


His Lillian Morgan mysteries, Catch a Falling Knife and Thirteen Diamonds, explore the secrets of retirement communities. Lillian, a retired mathematics professor from North Carolina, is smart, opinionated, and loves to solve puzzles, even when they involve murder.


Alan splits his time between writing and walking, another passion. His inspirational, prize-winning book, Walking the World: Memories and Adventures, has inspiration, [information and adventure in equal parts. He is also the author of Walking to Denver, a light-hearted, fictional account of a walk he did.


Freedom’s Light: Quotations from History’s Champions of Freedom, contains quotations from some of our favorite historical figures about personal freedom. The Saga of Bill the Hermit is a narrative poem about a hermit who decides that the single life isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.


Alan lives with his wife, Bonny, on a hill in Southern California. His website is