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Publishing Packages

It’s the best time in history to be an author. With the means to publish just within reach, all you need is but a spark of creativity and a dash of determination to begin your literary journey. Of course, you would still benefit from the support and guidance from friends, fellow writers, mentors, and even from us!

So get started on your journey with our help. You can carve your own publishing path with our publishing packages. These give you access to all the tools you need to become an author: custom cover and interior design, ISBN assignment, e-book and paperback availability, and even marketing options to help you promote your book.

To learn more about our services and how we can help you get published, call your Publishing Consultant at 1-888-519-5121. You may also send an email to

Marketing Services

Seeing your book being read and even shared by readers is no longer a distant dream. As a self-published author, you have the ability to take your book anywhere—from bookstores to book clubs to book fairs!

But this goal doesn’t have to be achieved alone. Here at AuthorHouse, we offer a comprehensive selection of marketing services that can help you build your campaign and reach out to readers, retailers, and librarians.

Call your Marketing Consultant today at 1-888-519-5121 to learn more about your marketing options. You may also send an email to

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Book Orders

Make sure you have enough copies of your book to sell or give away whenever the opportunity arises. Stock up on copies today, and enjoy a special author discount.

For more details, call your Book Consultant today at 1-888-519-5121, or send an email to