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Tips to help you get the story in your head to print

Not sure where to start with your book? Anxious about the first draft? Having trouble focusing? We have gathered some resources that are full of actionable advice for taking the first few steps, diving into the work, and staying focused until you reach the finish line.

Getting Started

The First Step is Often the Hardest

Many writers enjoy writing poems and journal entries, but a manuscript is entirely different. Committing to writing your book is the largest obstacle you’ll face.

How to Plan Your Book: Taking Your Book from Idea to Manuscript

The best way to consistently take your book from idea to manuscript is proper planning. Invest time in these prewriting steps so you’re better prepared to get your project off the ground.

How to Use Research to Craft a Better Book

No matter your genre or subject matter, research is an inescapable aspect of writing your book. Keep these things in mind during the research process.

Creating Realistic and Memorable Characters: Build a Character Profile in 4 Steps

Hammer out your character’s biography, characteristics, and psychology so that you can imagine your characters’ behavior and decisions more clearly.

Establishing Your Protagonist

Writing a book can be paralyzing when you have endless possibilities, but once you get to know your protagonist, you start to make your path to the finish line clearer.

Diving In

Write a Great First Draft

The first draft can be the most difficult, but you must get over the hump before you can see your work in print. So how do you crank out the best first draft possible?

Common Writing Mistakes You Should Avoid

It might be tempting to submit your first draft for publication—don’t. You might have missed a few of these common writing mistakes.

Staying Focused

5 Reasons Why Less is More When It Comes To Beating Writer’s Block

If you can’t fathom how to write your book or can no longer string two coherent sentences together, get up, walk away, and do something else.

Why Your Word Count Matters

As a self-publisher, you might feel like you’re exempt from word count woes. Learn the importance of measurable progress and readers’ expectations.

5 Tips to Help You Get Your Manuscript Finished

You were inspired. You had a reason to write a book, but you’re not quite finished yet. Put these tips into practice and bring yourself closer to a completed manuscript.

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