Five Tips to Help You Get Your Manuscript Finished

You were inspired. You had a reason to write a book, but you’re not quite finished with your manuscript yet. Not to worry. Here are five surefire tips to help you complete your book. Put them into practice and you will holding your first book signing before you know it.

#1 Set a date when you want to hold a finished copy of your book

Imagine what it will feel like to hold the first copy of your book. Having that end in mind can be a key motivator to keep you writing. It might be a specific day like a significant birthday; your wedding anniversary or a day that coincides with a business event like a speaking engagement, conference or convention.

#2 Pay attention to the best time/place for writing productively

Most people have a time of the day when they write more productively than at other times. When you write, keep track of the time and location when you are most effective. Then try to build that time into your schedule. For example, one author found that he worked best in the morning. In other words, he could get more done in the hour between 7:30 and 8:30 a.m. then he could in the three hours between 2 and 5 p.m. Chances are you have a time when the words flow more effortlessly than at other times. Use that to your advantage.

#3 Set a schedule that will allow you to hit your target date

You have a date when you want to have your book in your hand. You know when you write best. Now you need to work backwards from your end date to establish a schedule to reach your goal. Let's say you want to have a book signing in 6 months. It will likely take you two months to get your book designed, printed and distributed. So you need to submit your manuscript for production four months from now. If you want to have it copy edited you'll need to allow another 60 days, which means you need to submit your manuscript to the copy editor two months from now. So you have 60 days to get your manuscript ready to go.

#4 Make yourself accountable to someone for finishing your book

Designate someone who will hold you accountable for sticking to your schedule. It can be a friend or family member; or someone familiar with the process. For example, publishing consultants at AuthorHouse have served in this role for thousands of authors. A firm but gentle hand can be all the encouragement you need to stay on track.

#5 Plan an event to celebrate the book's completion

For many authors, writing and publishing a book is one of the greatest accomplishments of their lives. Celebrate this feat. Throw a launch party at your home for friends and family. Give out copies of your book to those who've inspired you. This is more than a book, its part of your legacy. Take a few moments to pat yourself on the back and enjoy your achievement.

Millions of people have an idea for a book, but it is only the disciplined few who earn the title of published author. You can be one of those writers who reach that goal and get your book in the hands of readers to enjoy.