Crises in Kerrville

A Jan Kokk Mystery

by Roy F. Sullivan



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 11/12/2014

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 134
ISBN : 9781496956736

About the Book

Jan Kokk, famous investigator from Curacao, finally comes to Texas. Not by design, the visit is caused by the emergency landing of his California flight in Texas.
Once landed in Kerrville, Kokk is the star witness to a bomb threat during the flight. If that isn’t enough, a wealthy Hollywood magnate is found dead in the plane’s rest room.
While assisting the FBI, Homeland Security, Texas Rangers and the local sheriff, Kokk falls in love with a flight attendant. Will Kokk, the famous, scrupulous investigator, allow love to interfere with--even override--the law?

About the Author

Happily retired from the US Army and US State Department, Roy Sullivan spends his time imagining what famous Curacao investigator Jan Kokk is doing to whom, why, and where.

When last seen, Kokk was solving murders off Little Corn Island near Nicaragua (see “Murder by the Dozen”). Invited to Texas several times, Kokk always has other fishes to fry.

Until now—this time, it’s different. During Kokk’s flight over Texas to Los Angeles, a bomb threat and murder cause an emergency landing.

Where else? In Texas!

Kokk, the trained crime observer, provides the FBI, Texas Rangers, and County Sheriff’s Department his eyewitness and expert advice on the two crimes: the bomb threat and murder. Judy, an attractive flight attendant, lavishes attention on Kokk while he tries to solve the crimes. Will Kokk share eventual answers to “who dun it” with the phalanx of lawmen if it involves his new lady?