Dragon's Fang

The end of times Part 1

by Stacy A. Wright



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 08/08/2011

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 524
ISBN : 9781463438814

About the Book

Nickolas Landry; Martial Arts instructor, model citizen, and former Navy SEAL. Years ago, after leaving the Navy, he was confronted by an ancient little man from Japan, who claimed that Nick was destined to serve as the Guardian of mankind. His duty, until the end of times, is to safeguard humanity from the forces of darkness. This destiny came with a warning, explained by Masamoto that this duty would destroy the life Nick knows.

When the time came, after years of training, Nick learned first hand how true the warning was. He believed that he possessed the strength and ability to protect his life and the loved ones in it. On the eve of his wedding, he was shown how wrong he was, when his bride to be was taken from him, along with Masamoto, losing her life because of his destiny.

How does a man give his life to save the rest of mankind? Sure, he could've walked away and denied his destiny. But, how could he carry on with his life knowing that the future of mankind is doomed on Earth? Nickolas Landry is not that kind of man, but with the end of times near, he will soon learn the extent of this so-called destiny that has consumed his life, and what it will truly cost him. Allies have been made, with more to come to fight at his side, on this eve of doom. It is then that Nick will discover what the ultimate sacrifice is to save the word.

About the Author

At the age of fifteen, I was challenged by my grandfather to create fictional characters of my own, instead of wasting my talents on other peoples' creations, as he put it. The first thing to consider was location. As a fan of the comics of the seventies and eighties, I always wondered why the South never had any of their own mainstream heroes and villains? And so it began, deciding plot locations and storyline ideas, until shortly afterwards, when I came up with my first character creation; Nickolas Landry, a.k.a. Dragon's Fang. The goal was to create my own world of comic book titles. This carried on for the next thirty years, of me creating and recreating characters and stories, never giving up on my dream. During this time, I discovered how life has a tendency to get in the way of a dreamer, but I never gave up. It was after my mother past away in 2009, that a door was opened to me. A good friend of mine had already read the Cuda manuscript and urged me to get it published. It was Authorhouse who invited me in through that opened door. Although Nick was my first creation, his story wasn't my first release. I chose to release Cuda as my first book, simply due to the fact that it was the only story that I wrote not in comic book layout form. The second book North & South: the Confederate Soldiers, solved several dilemmas that I had for the release of Dragon's Fang. The first being with the main character of the second book guest starring in Dragon's Fang. Now it is ready, and received by Authorhouse, Dragon's Fang will be in print this summer, with Part II of North & South: Lines Drawn, coming out this fall. Thirty years is a long time to believe in something with no return to offer, but I never gave up. The goal was simple, work on my stories,characters and art work, continuing to improve every aspect, until the time arrived to share my creations to the world. Now through Authorhouse, this dream is becoming reality. Stacy A. Wright frontlinefiction.com