Family Bond

by Avis P. Raines



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 21/04/2010

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 240
ISBN : 9781452001036

About the Book

Family Bond is a book that captures the true essence of how detrimental emotional scaring can be to one's life.  It also displays how letting go of emotional baggage can open you up to a whole new world of possibilities and how blessings can come about once you release that emotional scaring.  It depicts how miracles can come about in unexpected forms.  We all have had some emotional scaring at one point or another in our lives. 

It shows you that the key to overcoming emotional scaring is not to bury it, but to work through it.  We seem to build our lives around emotional scaring as opposed to learning and growing from it.  We become afraid of ourselves, because so many things can trigger that emotional scaring; therefore we walk around on egg shells afraid to live life and venture into new experiences that can actually help us rather than hurt us.

Family Bond is just that story of overcoming emotional scaring and living life to the fullest.  Things may happen in your life that you may not understand at the time, but as time passes you'll be able to look back at certain situations and fully understand that the purpose of your trials, tribulations, hardships, and shortcomings were to help you to become the individual you are today. 

Life is too precious to just let it slip away and not grab ahold of it with everything you have.  Enjoy every moment that is given to you and its endless possibilities.  Life can take you as far as you are willing to go, so let's journey to unknown places and trust that God will always guide us.  If you follow Him, how can you go wrong?


About the Author

Avis P. Raines was born and raised in sunny South Florida.  She has 8 siblings.  Two of which she has recently been blessed with.  She is close with her family.  She is the voice of reason and that burst of sunshine to all she meets and acquires as a friend. 

Avis is a very passionate and modest writer, who writes from the depths of her heart.  All that flows from her heart ends up on paper.

Now experiencing life without a mother, lost in 2005 or a father, lost in 2009, she still continues to strive for greater things; seeking the guidance of a higher power.  Life for her hasn't been easy, but she understands that, anything worth having is never really easy to come by.  And if it is easy, you're not as appreciative of it when you do get it. 

That's why she decided to step outside the box and try her hand at something she loves to do; which is writing.  Words are very meaningful and whether we know it or not they can make or break a person.  There is a lot of power in the words we choose to use.

Avis wants her readers to know that in spite of what's been said, done, or taken away from you, you can always  bounce back.  And always remember; it does not matter whether or not someone else believes in you; what matters is that you believe in you and let God handle the rest. 

"Faith is the unseen belief of a tangible moment that is to come" Quote by Avis P. Raines