Occasionally Yours

by Avis P. Raines



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 13/04/2009

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 124
ISBN : 9781438960364

About the Book

Occasionally Yours

This book helps you to come face to face with feelings, emotions, situations and circumstances that we all experience at one point or another in our lives.  Whether the moments are happy, sad, exciting, surprising, shocking or unexpected, they're all apart of life.  Sometimes we don't know how to express ourselves or what to say when certain things occur.  The poems in this book will help you to release those feelings and experiences.  It assists you with opening up and letting go of a lot of inner emotions that you have been dealing with.  It calms the soul, soothes the mind, releases pressure and engages you in your deepest thoughts at the same time.  What better way to relax than with a book that allows you to find you. 


This book helps you to capture some of the most precious memories of your life.  It helps you to relive that first date, unforgettable moment and funny story.  It rekindles that old flame, encourages you in dim situations and gives you that spiritual comfort which we all need.


About the Author

Avis P. Raines was born in Miami, Florida.  As a little girl she was always humble and respectful to all.  That humbleness and respect stayed with her as she got older.  

Avis first became interested in entertaining when she entered high school, joining the dance team, drama and chorus. 

After high school Avis furthered her career by receiving her Child Development Associate certification.  While working in child development she felt that there was something missing.  So began writing songs and arranging them.  

What do you know; as luck would have it she got a call about joining a local singing group.  She jumped at the chance without a second thought.  Not only does she have the gift of writing, but she also has a beautiful voice.  Entertaining was just in her. 

They were featured on local artists albums and had the opportunity to travel.  She got a chance to meet people and do wonderful things that she would not have otherwise gotten the chance to do. 

Three years later Avis decided to leave the group.  A year after got married and that didn't work out.  During that time she lost her Mom.  That was a devastating loss for her; considering how she loves her family.  Her Mom was her world.  

So Avis turned to the Father for guidance, wisdom, strength, love and support, as well as her family and friends.  She knew that her life would not be the same without her Mom.  She converted to writing.  The best way for her to express herself.  The only way she knew to let go of the hurt, anger and pain that she was enduring.  That was her inspiration for this book.

So remember to live every second, embrace every minute, enjoy every hour and thank Him for everyday.