A History of the African-Olmecs

Black Civilizations of America from Prehistoric Times to the Present Era

by Paul Alfred Barton



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Language : English
Publication Date : 10/08/2001

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 260
ISBN : 9780759644694

About the Book

The book, A History of the African-Olmecs and Black Civilizations of America From Prehistoric Times to the Present Era, is one of the most fascinating, well-researched and well-written books on the subject of the Black and Black African presence in prehistoric and ancient Americas. This book deals with the current and past findings on the ancient African-Americas nations (throughout the Americas). It also studies present-day descendants of these ancient Africans and places attention on the ancient transatlantic as well as the transpacific ocean route by boat. The book discusses the plight of the Black Washitaw Nation of Louisiana and the South, who lost much of their ancient kingdom during the Louisiana Purchase. The plight of California’s Black Californians, the Black Jamassee of Georgia, and the Black Caribs (Garifuna) of the Caribbean is examined. The great black civilization of the Olmecs and their connection in terms of language, religion, race, and culture with the West Africans is discussed.

About the Author

Paul Alfred Barton is a descendant of Georgiana, an Ethiopian Lady of Royal Background exiled to the Caribbean during the mid-1800’s. Barton is also the descendant of a Black Carib great-grandfather. The Black Caribs of Garifunas are descendants of ancient West Africa to the Americas in ancient times and whose network of trading, commerce, and settlement is reminiscent of the Polynesians of the Pacific Region. Barton has written other books such as Susu and Susunomics (now in second publication), Susu Economics (1st Books Library), and Afrikuandika: The African Hieroglyphic Writing System (Vantage Press, NY). Barton is a graduate of Fresno Pacific University, attended Fresno State University, College of the Sequoias, and Los Angeles City College. He majored in Business Management with studies in History and Architecture.