The Journada Del Muerto

Book Two of the Black Hand Series

by Ernie Frazier



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 07/09/2000

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 272
ISBN : 9781587217449

About the Book

The Journada Del Muerto (The Journey Of The Dead Man) begins where Black Hand Over Kansas ended. While each story can be enjoyed individually, a prior reading of Black Hand Over Kansas provides in-depth background. The final book in the Black Hand Trilogy, The Victors, will follow.

In 1865, Malcolm and Steffi Frazier acquire ownership in a potentially valuable Arizona copper mine. With high hopes, they leave Kansas for Arizona to claim their fortune. It will prove to be a journey destined to test the outer limits of their sanity and their will to survive. They'll travel the Santa Fe Trail to New Mexico, then on to the unforgiving Journada Del Muerto.

You'll ride the trails and live the life of terror, fear, and love, as the adventurers rise again and again to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles. You'll plunge into the Canyon Of Bones to discover how it got its name--then hear throbbing war drums under a darkened moon and share the wrenching pain in a mother's heart as she prepares her tiny sons to meet a savage horde.

In this story of non-stop adventure, a never-to-be-forgotten cast of characters will come together, form unbreakable bonds, and change their lives forever.

You'll meet Ben Wang and Su Chang, Fraziers' unlikely partners, who are running for their lives; Angus McDougal, the giant blacksmith; Peg Leg Charlie, the wise prospector; Kai Mang, ruler of The Tong Of The Black Hand; Magda, the beautiful Gypsy girl; Dr. Maroni, who holds the key to a Mexican treasure; Naije, the Apache chief, and his traitorous brother, Black Dog; Shorty Jollie and Tall Ned, Cornish miners who become heroes on the high seas; Harrison Hathaway, the British investor; Yellow Wolf, a Yaqui chief; Montoya, the Comanchero; Standing Bear, the Comanche; Sheng Tai, the eunuch; Lupe, Carmen and Rosa from Nogales; and others who come together to provide the rich fabric to weave the tightly knit story into one of epic proportions.

About the Author

Ernie Frazier, a grandson of Kansas pioneers who came west in a covered wagon, was raised near old Dodge City, the infamous cow town that helped make the west wild.

He has also lived in Arizona and Texas and travels extensively in many of the areas he writes about, touring mines and ancient ruins in the U. S. and Mexico.

His experiences--some of which are vividly revisited in his writings--provide much of his inspiration. As a young soldier he was exposed to the underbelly of life while stationed on the Arizona-Mexico border. Later he began a career which provides financial products and services to estates and business owners. His knowledge of banking comes from having served on a bank's board of directors, feeding cattle, and by selling operating businesses to investors.