Legend of the Mighty Sparrow

by Bryan Fletcher



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 30/10/2015

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 548
ISBN : 9781504956901

About the Book

Bonnie’s greatest fears have come true: unemployed, homeless, bankrupt, as well as alienated from family and friends. In a desperate effort to salvage her life, she flees California in search of long-lost New York girlfriends. However, she soon discovers them trapped in a complex real -estate scam, as one of them purchased a rundown Gilded Age mansion at the edge of a remote as well as fiercely disputed forest, a place with a reputation; people enter and mysteriously return unfit to live. Unknown to them, this remote forest represents a truly great real-world experiment of the bizarre and grotesque, a neologic syncretism, a frontier without pesky checks and balances, the darker side of free enterprise, the side of obsession and addiction, a brave new world, and a place controlled by powerful special interests too big to fail, controlled by the ultimate insiders, who seem hell bent on a leap fifty years ahead of the competition, in search of pure profit and tremendous control over the world economic system. So they obsessively tinker with nature and ignore the fundamental rules, a “tyranny of small decisions,” and this great experiment goes wrong, and these ultimate insiders create a magnificent freak, a true techno glory, and yet a serious affront to nature, a gross mockery of nature law, as well as sick abomination associated with a dystopia, and creature or thing far ahead of everyone, beyond foresight, and before black site powers-that-be realize the full potential and implications, and the device gains control over the creator.

About the Author

Born in Princeton, New Jersey, Bryan Fletcher qualifies as a science fiction adventure nerd or geek, and someone who fully appreciates the ultimate survivor genre, especially a hero against all odds, against powerful special interests too-big-to-fail, and in a place controlled by ultimate insiders, who often seem hell-bent on a trivial pursuit, obsession, the last war, escalation, cruel and unusual, as well as world economic domination, and create a brave new world, another dystopia, and frequently based on life inside a massive institution, that style of living, that style of raising a family, and a system without substancial peer reviewable checks and balances, those pesky things, or fresh air, or exceptional spring water, just rush into another quagmire. Live inside a massive institution; and a place that has very complex rules, as well as many degrees of exceptions, and a place that expects a certain way of thinking, of moving about spacetime, the universe, the supreme bulkhead, and yet results in a certain flatness, from all those complex and conflicting scripts, and the process seems as if a faithfully flat scheme, with generic flatness or a flat cohomology, and live inside as if a generic property, or chase the next popular notion, live as fandom, or live as if inside another strip mall, another retail outlet or live as infotainment, as a common commercial of the day, which shows a faithfully flat fundamental descent that fades into the same sober reality, back into a certain convention, another rut, or stuck in one stage of life, or a new version of same-old, same-old, or “Bada-bing, bada-boom: life! As a result, the author presents a trilogy called Legend of the Mighty Sparrow.