B is for Blackmail

aka, “Eyes Wide Shut” The Anthropocentrism Protection Racket System, with a Trick, Threat, Discreet Legalized Looting, Reinforced by Law, Violence, and Destruction aka, life … a phasmoertic system

by Bryan Fletcher



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 07/12/2021

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.5x11
Page Count : 490
ISBN : 9781665518987

About the Book

And, in the beginning, it seemed as if, bad luck, fate, karma, thrownness, and facticity, as the universe has other plans. As systematically, an elite syndicate targets the wealthiest Jews, French, Japanese, Brazilians, and Argentinians.

About the Author

Born in Princeton, New Jersey, Bryan Fletcher is a tensoric, aka, a chronosystemic, aka, a multidimensional-meta-system medic, aka, a hydrophilic, connexin monomeric, reunion specialist, of gap junction systems, aka, CatAutoTOC generates standard Category TOC … … that writes, fiction survivor adventure genre, mostly thrillers, and sometime science fiction thrillers … especially featuring a down-and-out, impoverished person quite hapless, and reluctantly dragged into yet another heated dispute between many powerful special interests too-big-to-fail. *** And, most of his fiction novels, novellas, and novelettes feature, a reoccurring setting and theme, a dispute between a modern version of the Hellenistic world economic command structure; a recreation of, or reconstitution of Prodromoi, Psiloi, Thyreophoroi or Thureophoroi, Agema, Gymnitae, Hypaspist, and Pantodapoi, of Omatophylakes, Somatophylaxes, and others … … a dispute between various factions, within a plutocracy, hedge fundcracy, timocracy, corporatocracy, corporate republic, corporate-institutional-republic complex, lately with less religious filaments. *** And often, each adventure story, is set within that tremendous struggle. *** And, we live according to them, and their concerns, or lack of, and that style of raising a family. *** In a system, without substantial peer review checks and balances … that are vital safety features … to live a cool, calm, balanced, reasonable, interesting, and sustainable life.