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Build a Platform:
Don’t Overlook Direct Sales

Building a Platform

Just because your book is available doesn’t mean book sales will come. Customers won’t come to you; you must go to them. Authors have to let their readers know about their product before readers will try to purchase it. If you have lofty goals for your book, it’s important for you to get out and meet readers. Success rarely comes to those sitting still.

The first step is to be vigilant. Look for bookselling opportunities everywhere. There are far more options for building a fanbase than you may think. Simply having your book listed on Amazon or gaining placement in a bookstore isn’t everything. Other options may work better for you and your book.

One avenue that works for many authors is direct selling. Meeting readers face to face and selling physical copies of your book is a lot of work, but often very effective. If you don’t have a platform from which to sell your book already, build one.

Volunteer with organizations with whom you identify.

Get involved and your customer base will grow. If you have a children’s book, for example, spending time with children’s literacy groups is a great way to make a difference and meet people who will be interested in purchasing your book.

Make it personal.

Remember, people in your hometown will be more receptive to hearing about your book than those that have no connection to you. Sell your book to friends from church and work. If your town holds any festivals or fairs, rent a booth there to promote your book as a local author. If people from your area like your book, they’ll tell their friends and a ripple effect will form.

Try not to be scared of giving copies of your book away.

Donating is a great way to build a name in the literary community. If appropriate, give copies of your book to local schools or reading organizations. Those who get a copy of a book for free may enjoy it and recommend that their friends buy it. Some customers may be reluctant to buy a book they don’t know. Word of mouth is a valuable effect of direct sales.

The key to direct selling is to look for opportunities everywhere. Also, be confident but not pushy.
Finally, don’t be afraid of hard work.

Note: Of course, always prioritize safety when planning physical events and make sure everyone follows Covid-19 protocols.

Call your Book Consultant today to make sure you have enough books on hand to make your direct selling goals a reality.

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