Death Stalks The Fire Child

by John D. Hartman



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 10/31/2012

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 456
ISBN : 9781477275047
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 456
ISBN : 9781477275054

About the Book

Death Stalks the Fire Child is the fourth and final book of the Fire Child series. In Return of the Fire Child, T.J. grudgingly accepts his destiny as the Fire Child, protector of the Inner World, a civilization located within the core of the Earth. Along with his three teen friends, Scott, Chad and Crash, he returns to the land of his birth to battle the evil that threatens not only his world, but also the surface world where he had been raised. Pursued by a Gorgon and her legion of cats, his friends soon learn that the Inner World is a land filled with strange creatures and dangerous beasts such as the boys had never imagined. In Quest of the Fire Child, T.J. seeks to establish himself as the protector of his world and faces new dangers from ruthless men and creatures that wish to destroy him. Once again he calls upon his three friends who, along with the wolf boy, Criton, risk their lives attempting to bring peace to a world in turmoil. It is during this time that T.J. learns that Scott is his half-brother and the bond between the two boys becomes stronger than ever as they see how their fates are intertwined. Fortress of the Fire Child finds T.J. and his friends facing further dangers in the form of Aquatis, a ruthless shape shifter who once battled the Fire Child’s father and who seeks revenge against the son. Intrigue also continues as Mathias, T.J.’s arch enemy, reappears and attempts to regain the throne of Stonemass, the chief city of the Inner World. Additional danger ensues as an army of mercenaries attempts to attack the Fortress, the home of the Fire Child. Now in Death Stalks the Fire Child, T.J. finds himself battling enemies on two separate fronts and he must rely upon the strength of his friends and their newly acquired powers to face one enemy while he faces the other. While Scott and the others hurry to protect Stonemass from a horde of mutant lizards, T.J. travels to the swampland to face the evil Slurpus who controls Liviatin, the most powerful creature the Fire Child has ever had to face.

About the Author

John Hartman lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Having written for several magazines immediately following high school, he set his ambitions aside in order to pursue a more steady line of work. After a financial career in the railroad industry, he retired in order to return to his first love, that of writing. His first published book was The Belfry and Other Short Stories, a collection of imaginative short stories. He followed up that book with the horror novel, Fruelic's Lair. Having always enjoyed the challenge of writing short stories, he put together another short story anthology, Angel Dark. During the last few years, he has fashioned the fantasy series of the Fire Child starting with the Return of the Fire Child. The storyline was continued in the books Quest of the Fire Child and Fortress of the Fire Child. His newest novel, Death Stalks the Fire Child, is the fourth and final chapter of the series.